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How to earn more by sharing files?

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How to earn more rewards:

1. Share as many links as possible. Any type of links (websites, apps, etc.) is acceptable and may include WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, forums, and chat groups. The more links you share, the more people see your links and register on TeraBox, earning you more rewards!


2. The most popular files are computer software (e.g., Photoshop and Office), celebrity photos and videos, popular films, TV Dramas, etc. People are most likely to click links for these types and register on TeraBox.

3. Share links in a targeted manner. For example, share computer software on websites and chat groups related to computers and software for the best results, and celebrity photos and videos with fans of that celebrity.

4. Describe the files you are sharing and add hashtags to entice others!


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