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How to Make Money with TeraBox (Read on for Surprises at the End!)

Dear TeraBox User, have you ever had to deal with any of the following problems?

  • You signed up for TeraBox’s sharing campaign, but you didn’t make much money?
  • You want to make money sharing your files, but you can’t seem to get it right?
  • You have some files to upload to TeraBox, but you don’t know where to share them so they’ll get seen?
  • You keep uploading files to TeraBox and sharing them, but the process is taking up too much time

If you’ve ever run into any of these problems, this article’s for you! Be sure to read on to the end to discover some invaluable surprises!

1. What kind of files should I share?

The more popular a particular type of file is, the greater your chances of making money on it.
One example would be computer software that everyone needs: Office, Photoshop, and installation programs for games everyone likes.
Another example would be popular movies, TV dramas, and animations. Take a look at recent trends and think about what your friends are watching right now.

2. Where should I share my files?

The simplest answer is to share them wherever people come together.

Post your link to your SNS account, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger…
The more people who see the link, the greater your chances of making money.
Keep in mind, though, that you want your link to go to people who haven’t signed up for TeraBox yet. Then when they have signed up for a TeraBox account, you get a cash reward.

A more efficient way is to have a specific target in mind before sharing your link.
For example, there’re many Photoshop-related groups on Facebook. You could join them to post a TeraBox link to a Photoshop installation program. Since members tend to join groups like these to learn Photoshop, an installation program would be a perfect fit.

3. It is a waste of time to have to upload files before sharing…

Speaking of which, it’s time to reveal the promised surprises!
We have collected links contributed by many users, including Telegram channels and websites. You can save these files to your TeraBox account and create links to share with others. In this way, you don’t have to spend time uploading files by yourself!

✅ movie, software:

✅ game:

4. Where’s the best place to post sharing links?

Here comes the second surprise! Click here
You could post links to the Facebook groups and forums. And don’t forget to describe the files you’re sharing!

5. How many links should I post?

As many as you can! The more links you share, the greater the chances they’re seen, and the more likely you will be to earn money!

Best of luck bringing in more new users and rewards by sharing links!
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