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Is it safe to use TeraBox?

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Since its launch, TeraBox has been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide. In September 2021 they first declared that their downloads have passed 10 million worldwide.However, only after four months, downloads exceeded 20 million.

Many of competitive products provide free cloud storage but they only allow you to store 5GB to 15GB of data without paying a monthly fee. TeraBox outperforms its competition by offering 1TB free cloud storage capacity to its subscribers. People all across the world have been benefiting from TeraBox’s services!

Over 300,000 images, 2.5 million videos, and 6.5 million documents can be stored on the free 1TB cloud storage.

If you turn on TeraBox’s automatic backup function, TeraBox will help you back up photos free. If the device is damaged or destroyed, the TeraBox also keeps the data on the cloud safe and sound. You can be assured that your cloud data is safe and secure. For that, all the credit goes to TeraBox’s industry-leading storage systems and professional certification.

Then I will explain the security of TeraBox in detail.

A Higher Level of Security and Privacy Protection is Provided By Cutting-Edge Technology And Security Protocols

Users’ data can be encrypted and accessed using TeraBox cloud storage. There is no need to worry about losing your files or photographs. That’s because this cloud service provider utilizes powerful AI technologies.

Several different safety measures ensure the safety of your account. The login password can encrypt and protect your data. If you use TeraBox’s Safe space, you will be asked for a new round of password verification every time you access the Safe space.

TeraBox’s cloud storage is safe due to its high level of security. It also enables for online viewing of photos and videos. Your files are safe with TeraBox, protecting them from unauthorized access.

Encryption of Data to Ensure Safe Transit Of Data

In terms of file transfer, TeraBox provides comprehensive protection of your data via HTTPS transmission encryption protocol. Security and intelligence for massive amounts of big data are made possible. Through TeraBox’s implementation of the vessel, virtual machine, host, and service access controls. These handle millions of instances and are based on advanced encryption and large-scale distributed systems.

By separating the source data from the file data and encrypting and digitizing, sensitive marks are rendered insensitive. The personal files are kept in various file blocks on multiple servers. The encryption authentication service allows TeraBox to effectively plan the confidentiality of internal data and increase the service’s security level.

Safely use TeraBox to share files, extract code to prevent crawler from encrypted crawling

TeraBox uses the extraction code to share by default, preventing crawlers from crawling through encryption.

Additionally, TeraBox allows you to choose an expiration date for documents to be shared with colleagues and colleagues. Link expiration can be configured to expire after 7 or 30 days, or to never expire. You can share files for free.

And bots will block crawlers from crawling, not allowing search sites to contain and share links. There is no risk involved in the sharing process at all.

Safe Space For Further Protection

TeraBox assures you that your personal information will be kept private and secure and not shared with a third party without your consent.

TeraBox is a free online file sharing and storage app that is a popular choice for anyone who needs help organizing their files. Private files can be stored in TeraBox’s Safe space, set up for this purpose.

Locking can be done by enabling a four-digit password with this feature. Passwords are required to access the Safe area every time you connect to TeraBox. The Safe space adds a layer of protection and privacy for users.


TeraBox Promises to Always Prioritize Protecting user’s Personal Information

With so much personal information and data stored on our smartphones, many of us have misplaced our phones and gone into complete panic mode because of the loss. Since your data is stored in the cloud and not on your phone, even if you misplace or lose your phone, you won’t have to worry about anybody else accessing your stuff.

To secure your privacy, the security team at TeraBox includes professionals in privacy protection, risk control, and anti-spam. They protect the privacy of our 20 million users at all times.

To earn your trust, TeraBox strives to do its best!

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For the safety and privacy of its users’ data, TeraBox keeps a close eye on its operations. To keep your account safe, TeraBox uses various security measures.

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