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Limited time event for the first 5,000 users!

A Welfare Center upgrade brings an extra 300 GB of TeraBox space

It’s no secret that you can get 1024 GB of permanent cloud storage space for free from TeraBox. But now that the Welfare Center has been upgraded, you can get an additional 300 GB of space, still completely free. Join the event in the TeraBox app and get 1 friend to sign up for TeraBox to enjoy 1.3 TB of storage space. Go to the TeraBox app to participate. Limited time event for the first 5,000 users!

Campaign details
Please note! You must log in to the mobile app to participate in the event. (You cannot participate on a PC)
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Where can I participate in the +300 GB space event?
Go to the TeraBox app, tap your avatar, and select Welfare Center. This is where you can join the event.

How to get the 300 GB of extra storage space reward?
Tap “Get it Now” on the event page and share the event with your friends. You receive the additional 300 GB of storage space when a friend signs up.

What if I invited a friend but didn’t get the reward?
① Please check that your friend downloaded and signed up for the app through the link you shared.
② Check that your friend signed up on their cell phone.
These steps are essential to receive the reward.
② Finally, please check that you are using the latest version of TeraBox.
v2.10.0 and above.
④ New accounts registered with the same cell phone number are not eligible to receive the reward.
⑤ There is a network delay, so please be patient: The matter will be resolved within 72 hours.

If you have any questions, please leave a message or write us at

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