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  1. My desktop terabox can’t be used. I’ve tried all the above steps, but I still can’t log in, upload or download. After logging in, I can’t load any videos or files. I try to start the desktop version directly on the webpage, but it will show my account login Inconsistent, but the accounts are the same. The mobile phone and the webpage can be used normally, but the desktop version cannot be used. If it can be solved, I will be very grateful

    1. I apologize for the negative experience you had. We haven’t received any similar feedback from other users. If you are unable to log in on both PC and web platforms, please contact our technical support team at with detailed account information and a description of the problem. Our operations team will assist you promptly.
      Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

  2. Acesso o terabox premium no celular e no navegador normalmente. Ao usar o aplicativo para PC aparece como não ativado. Já reinstalei, instalei em outros dispositivos windows e persiste. Qualbseria a solução?

    1. I apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing with the Terabox PC application. Please ensure that you are signed in to TeraBox on PC with the same account as the TeraBox app and browser. If that’s not the case, it’s possible that there might be network problems causing the connectivity difficulties.

      To troubleshoot the issue, I recommend following these steps:
      1. Check your network connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable and functional. You can try restarting your modem/router or connecting to a different network to see if that resolves the problem.
      2. Retry later: Sometimes, temporary network issues can affect application and website accessibility. It’s worth trying again later to see if the problem resolves itself.

      If the problem persists, you can contact our dedicated support team at Please provide a detailed description of the issue you’re facing, along with any relevant image files if applicable. Our VIP support team will handle your query with dedicated attention and work towards resolving your issue efficiently.

      Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

  3. Hi
    Site unreachable from Italy?
    We are now experiencing problems accessing the site even before logging in, both using various browsers or using Windows app and various internet providers.
    If we use a VPN instead, simulating HongKong or other country, all is ok!!!!
    It seems that all calls to are failing

    1. I am sorry for your TeraBox login failure. It seems that the problem is with the servers. We suggest that using a VPN may circumvent it. This is because a VPN allows you to select and connect to a server that is located basically anywhere in the world, which means you can access the network of other locations and request TeraBox’s services from there.

      For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We appreciate your support of our product.

  4. Thanks for sharing this solution, I was getting really frustrated with TeraBox login failures. Your tips on clearing cache and cookies worked for me and I’m now able to log in successfully. Much appreciated!

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