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TeraBox Spotlight: A Deep Dive into Innovation with Zoey Meung, UX Designer

In the dynamic realm of user experience design, TeraBox stands out as a beacon of innovation and thoughtful design. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Zoey Meung, a vital member of TeraBox’s UX team, to delve into the fascinating world of product design and the story behind it.

Journey into TeraBox:

Zoey’s journey with TeraBox began in 2022, following her experience in designing global service products, particularly utility software with a focus on 3D modeling. What drew her to TeraBox was the alignment of the company’s values with her design philosophy – a commitment to empathize and solve user problems through purposeful design.

TeraBox UX Designer - Zoey

Having lived and studied in Sydney for several years, Zoey gained a wealth of insights into diverse cultures and user needs. Her involvement with multicultural teams, spanning social software design and e-commerce, deepened her understanding of how different cultural backgrounds shape design preferences.

At the core of TeraBox’s design philosophy, Zoey emphasizes a safe and engaging user experience. The team’s focus is on enhancing user interactions and ensuring adaptability across various devices and platforms. Zoey’s unique approach places creativity above industry standards, introducing distinctive interactive elements to elevate TeraBox’s user experience.

TeraBox’s Upgrade and Visual Changes:

As TeraBox’s user base expands globally, the UX team places a special focus on refining the consumer experience. In 2024, the product underwent a series of upgrades and feature optimizations. Notably, visual changes, including the introduction of the new Terara IP and a logo refresh, go beyond aesthetics. According to Zoey, these elements symbolize TeraBox’s commitment to being a trustworthy guardian of user data.

Updage of TeraBox Logo and IP

Diverse User Community and Localization Efforts:

Managing feedback from a colossal 250 million users underscores TeraBox’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its global user base. Zoey highlights the team’s meticulous approach to user feedback, collected through various channels, emphasizing the importance of localization efforts.


TeraBox’s UX design prioritizes catering to different cultural nuances and preferences, extending beyond language adaptation. The team proactively responds to user requests, swiftly implementing functional amendments to enhance the overall user experience. Notably, the adaptation for the RTL language in 2023 reflects TeraBox’s commitment to providing a tailored experience for users in Arabic-speaking countries. As TeraBox looks ahead to 2024, this dedication to localization remains a cornerstone, ensuring a user-friendly and culturally resonant cloud storage tool.

RTL Language Coverage in TeraBox

Collaboration and Future Endeavors:

Efficient collaboration within and outside the design team is pivotal for successful implementation. Zoey notes that the team’s leader encourages creativity and welcomes fresh ideas. There is ample exchange between the design and development teams, enhancing efficiency.


Looking ahead to 2024, Zoey anticipates a heightened focus on localized design and the empowerment of distinct designs for different regions. The team aims to provide users with a more user-friendly and personalized cloud storage tool, catering to the diverse needs of TeraBox’s global user community.

Recognition and Future Aspirations:

The continuous design optimizations and iterations from the design team have not gone unnoticed. TeraBox’s product design has received acclaim, earning national certifications such as the “Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023,” French Design Award, and Muse Design Award. Yet, this is not the end; the TeraBox design team remains committed to striving for excellence.

Design awards of TeraBox

As we conclude our chat with Zoey Meung, it’s clear that TeraBox’s UX team is at the forefront of delivering an exceptional user experience, driven by creativity, user-centric design, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Stay tuned for more developments from TeraBox in 2024!

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