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How do I log in to my TeraBox account?

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Why should I choose TeraBox?

As the world is seeing great changes in all respects under the influence of Covid-19, we need more storage space for multiple purposes than ever before. If you are also troubled by running out of memory space and finding nowhere to save your private files safely, TeraBox is your reliable storage choice, enabling you to store, share, and transfer your files in a secure way.

How do I log in to TeraBox?

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Step 1: download the app from the TeraBox official website

Currently, there are four versions for you to choose from, the iOS one, Android one, Windows one, and website one. You can select one or two or all download links to click and get your TeraBox on multiple devices.

cloud disk

TeraBox supports multiple device login, no matter what device you use, you can access everything you store in cloud storage.

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Step 2: register for your own TeraBox account

After installing TeraBox, five options are offered for you to create your account. From email, phone number with a verification code, Apple ID to Facebook and Google account, each choice is simple to operate and handle.

sign up for an account scaled

Step 3: log in to your TeraBox and get started

You are completely free to decide which channel to log in with. If you choose to log in with Google or Facebook account, you have to do nothing but type your account and password. If you prefer to log in with your phone number, a verification message sent to your mobile phone will help.

Also, you can log in to your Windows or website TeraBox by scanning the QR code with your mobile devices, and the code scanner is on the right side of the avatar.

official website QR scan

✳️If you have any problems logging in to your TeraBox account, please feel free to click the “Help and feedback” button on the top navigation bar of the official website.

official website

Come and open your amazing TeraBox, 1024 GB of free permanent cloud disk will be yours!

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  1. Hello i cant log in to my account as you say it does not exist,i have 400 gb of data on there and i can’t access it,i registered using my gmail,terabox used my you tube name to access the account and it never asked for a password.

    If you have deleted my account then i have lost 400gb of videos that i backed u ,and i will not recommend you to others if this is the case.

    1. First, TeraBox never clears data from your account or deletes your account. Only when the user chooses to deactivate their account will the content be removed.

      Second, TeraBox supports different registration methods such as Gmail, Facebook, Apple ID, and phone number. Each way to sign up creates a different TeraBox account.

      Therefore, please be sure to check the way you used to sign up. If you are still unable to enter it successfully, please contact our technical support team at with detailed account information and a description of the problem. Our operations team will assist you promptly.

      Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

  2. As a user mentioned in this forum I tried to log in my account I keep getting a error “ check password , account case , email suffix “ I just got a new device I can’t remember my password I fallowed all steps to reset my password but haven’t had no luck I haven’t received any notification to verify or reset my password I been having this issue for the last few days you say theirs lots of Methods and each time it creates a different account I’m not trying to creat any new accounts I just want to reset my password to be able to log haven’t had no response from TeraBox

    1. I apologize for the inconvenience you’re experiencing with the TeraBox.
      1. Please confirm that you are logging in to the account registered in TeraBox. For Google/FB/Apple accounts, please log in at the third party portal.
      2. If you want to change your password, please click “Forgot your password” on the login page, check the email and follow the prompts to change the password.

      3.Please check if the verification email is in the promotion mailbox/trash. If you do not receive the email after 5 minutes, please click resend.

      If the above answer does not solve your problem, please go to the user feedback page and attach a screenshot of the problem. We will locate and solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support!

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