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Is TeraBox cloud storage safe?

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As cloud storage becomes the center of people’s attention, the most ideal choice often comes with a large free storage and security measures for users’ data at all levels. Among all current cloud service solutions, TeraBox offers 1024 GB permanent cloud space for free, almost 70 times the largest capacity other contenders could provide. Due to TeraBox’s ingenious multi-layer security measures, it has won great popularity and becomes the most reliable choice for 20 million users all over the world.

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Layer one: cutting-edge encryption technologies for safe data storage

For most cloud service users, one of the biggest concerns is the safety and security of their files and privacy. In this regard, users’ data security and privacy protection are what TeraBox holds dear. From the very beginning, TeraBox developers have been dedicated to building a solid foundation for a trustworthy cloud service provider, protecting users’ files and personal information from being stolen or crawled.

As for transferring your files, TeraBox adopts various protocols, such as the HTTPS transmission encryption one, to better safeguard the contents in them. Also, intelligent data processing procedures make it possible to organize and secure massive data simultaneously. On the basis of the advanced encryption technologies and large-scale distributed systems, everything you save in TeraBox is completely free from unauthorized access or attack.

Layer two: extraction code set for file sharing security

In everyday life, many of you may run into situations where your private files or photos are disclosed to people you don’t want them to see after file-sharing, or your original works of great efforts are stolen and uploaded online openly for a profit. In an attempt to avoid these cases, TeraBox works very hard on optimizing the way users share files.

Each time you select one or more files or photos for sharing, two choices will be provided for you, sending them through email or a designated share link. For email sharing, TeraBox empowers you to put up to 5 email addresses at one time, saving both time and labor for you. As for its ingenious share link, TeraBox offers the choice for you to set a randomly generated password and an adjustable validity period for it.

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Once you have set it as a private link, an extraction code will be generated for you, and the recipient must enter the password in the right way to access the contents in it. You can both share the link to other social media directly or copy it and paste it elsewhere. To better secure your files and privacy, you can also alter the validity period from permanent to 7 days or 30 days. The moment the set date passed, the contents in the share link will be unavailable anymore.

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Layer three: special Safe space for best-class data security

To further protect the most important or sensitive files, photos, and resources of yours, TeraBox builds a designated storage space with ultra-strong security measures. This special space for you is called Safe. You can create new folders to categorize and organize the photos, videos, music, or files stored in them.

Just like the physical one with a keypad on the front, TeraBox Safe also requires a four-digit password. There is a verification process authorizing each entry of the Safe. To achieve better convenience, TeraBox makes face ID recognition (iOS users) and fingerprint verification (Android users) possible for unlocking the Safe. Furthermore, this cloud private space will be automatically locked after one minute of inactivity.

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For safer document storage, you can only change your password when you have already entered the Safe, and if you forget the password or type in the incorrect ones too many times, all the files in it will be destroyed for good. In this case, rebuilding the Safe with a new password will further work for you.

Come rain or shine, TeraBox safeguards your most cherished memories by your side!

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