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TeraBox January 2024 Product Updates

1. Offline File Data to Free Space:

With our latest updates, we’ve introduced a new feature called “Offline File Date” in settings. We believe this will help in improving user experience with respect to ease of using resource based applications or running multiple applications ease hand in hand. The user manually offline and clears up unneeded file data by TeraBox is able to greatly relieve the system and bring performance to a higher level. This is particularly beneficial when undertaking tasks that require substantial system resources.

Offline File Data for Liberated Space

By clearing the memory, you can release idle or no longer used memory resources freeing, providing additional system resources for other applications in need. This ensures a smoother and more efficient operation of your system.

2. Optimized Page Switching for Effortless Navigation:

We’re continuing to improve the user experience when switching between pages in TeraBox, ensuring a seamless and effortless process. This improvement allows users to freely and swiftly navigate between different pages, catering to both Android and iOS users. Our continuous efforts are directed towards refining the page-switching functionality, with the goal of making your interaction with TeraBox even more fluid and user-friendly. This ensures that regardless of your device’s operating system, the experience of switching between pages is consistently smooth and enjoyable.


3. Instant Sharing and Saving of TeraBox Message Files:

Effective file storage is crucial, and the seamless sharing of files is equally important. With our latest update, we’re rolling out the ability for Android users to send messages and share files quickly and seamlessly.

Instant Sharing and Saving of TeraBox Message Files

Begin by adding friends to your TeraBox account. In just a click at the sharing within the app, you can share messages and files without compromising your usage space within the TeraBox app. Whether you’re collaborating on important documents or managing received files, our user-friendly features allow you to effortlessly share and save within the app. This streamlines your file management tasks, ensuring maximum efficiency in your workflow.

Learn all about sharing files in TeraBox

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