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TeraBox Spotlight: A Conversation with a Product Intern

As TeraBox’s user community grows, we’re bringing fresh minds into our product team. This includes professionals from top companies worldwide with years of product design experience, as well as interns from all over, helping us make better products. Today, we’re chatting with a product intern who has been with us for two months to share her thoughts and experiences since joining the TeraBox team!

TeraBox Spotlight A Conversation with an Product Operations Intern

Tell us about your background and how you heard about TeraBox.

My name is Tyler, and I’m currently pursuing a master’s in International Business at Monash University. The first time I heard about TeraBox was that many of my Latin American and Japanese peers were using TeraBox for storing class materials and photos. I mean, who could resist that tempting 1TB free cloud storage offer? Knowing how seriously the Japanese take data privacy, I figured if they’re on board, it must be rock-solid secure. So I decided to give it a try myself. Then I found it to be a lifesaver for managing my phone’s storage, which is pretty handy for someone like me who’s all about capturing life’s moments.

What got you to join the TeraBox team?

Ever since I started using TeraBox, I’ve been keeping an eye on their offerings. The rapid growth of their user base, surpassing other competitors on the market, has been truly remarkable. What caught my attention even more was one of their YouTube videos with the slogan “Memories will Always Be Here.” As someone who loves to capture life’s moments, I found this slogan and the overall team culture very appealing. Their commitment to diversity and culture further piqued my interest. Knowing they recruit interns in different regions, I decided to apply to join the team.

TeraBox - Memories will Always Be Here

Could you introduce your role in the team?

Of course! As a product intern, I primarily focus on gathering and analyzing user feedback to assist the team in improving our products. This involves communicating with users, analyzing data, and providing insights to enhance the user experience. Additionally, I support the team in tasks such as market research, competitor analysis, and localization efforts

What have you learned during your time here?

During my internship, I went through three product updates. It showed me how much goes into each step, from gathering requirements to designing, developing, testing for security, and launching. It’s not just random changes; there’s a clear process with every step carefully planned. Every update is a team effort, from the initial research to testing different solutions, ensuring our users have the best and safest experience. I’m happy to have been part of this process.

What do you wish for TeraBox?

Right now, using TeraBox on iOS isn’t as smooth as on Android, mainly because I’m more of an iPhone user. For example, Android recently got a dark mode update, which helps switch to a more eye-friendly interface in low-light conditions. But on iOS, we’re still waiting for that feature. Also, a few messaging features are missing for iOS users. Hopefully, these will be added soon to make the experience the same on both platforms.

Of course, I also believe that TeraBox can stay sensitive to user needs, continuously improve, and provide users with the safest cloud storage service and experience possible.

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