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What Is Cloud App Security and Which Cloud Storage Is the Best?

Are you interested in cloud app security? In this piece, you are going to learn everything about what is cloud app security and which cloud storage is the best.

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There is no denying that one of the many concerns that many people have is the security of the files they choose to upload online. Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why a lot of users are hesitant in installing a cloud file management system despite its multiple advantages. If they find a cloud storage system that can ensure the privacy of their personal data and their files, they will willingly start using it.


Luckily, the majority of cloud-based storage providers have started to show interest in cloud app security. This has led to the adoption of the best practices to enhance data protection from both hackers and crawlers. The best cloud storage systems maintain high standards to make you feel safe at all times.

What is Cloud App Security? Is it Any Good?

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Before we explain the best practices that cloud apps security includes, it is crucial to explain what it is. This way, you can make an informed decision when selecting a cloud file management system that will make your daily life easier while also protecting all of your important personal data.


First of all, the cloud app protection practices that each tool has implemented are the only way to select the most secure cloud storage in the market. You don’t just need an app that provides you with cloud space for your files but you also need one that will keep them away from malicious users no matter what.

In essence, cloud application security  is a set of rules that enhance the protection of the files that you upload to the tool’s servers. These rules include data security, governance, legal compliance, and data retention among others. However, it is important to note that every provider has a different focus when it comes to its security practices. You need to find one with a holistic approach so that you are completely safe.

To make things simpler, all of these rules aim to prevent hackers from extracting these files, therefore making sure that you are not going to fall victim to a scam. In addition to this, they keep crawlers away, which are bots that automatically are searching for vulnerable systems to take advantage of. By keeping both malicious hackers and bots away from its servers, cloud application protection guarantees that your data will remain your own no matter the occasion.

What Are Some Best Practices When Using Cloud Apps?

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Now that you understand the basics of security in the cloud, it is time to get into more details about the cloud application security solutions and best practices that the most secure cloud storage TeraBox adopts. Then, you will know what to look for when trying to decide which application is the safest one. Cloud app security is probably the most important factor and you shouldn’t take it lightly.

#1 Prevention of Crawlers

One of the most important rules to ensure the safety of your files is to protect them from the various crawlers and bots. TeraBox safe cloud app has implemented advanced encryption technologies that create a firewall against these web crawlers. Therefore, your files become impossible to extract from these automated bots.


#2 Encrypted File Uploading

Another important element of cloud storage security is the safety of your files while you are still uploading them to the cloud. This is one of the most vulnerable stages and hackers are usually aiming at these particular files. However, with the implementation of advanced encryption techniques, TeraBox is able to make this process as safe as possible.

#3 Safe File Transmission

File transmission is yet another process where your files become exposed to both web crawlers and hackers. When you click the share button, your data become vulnerable and any malicious user can retrieve it. TeraBox has adopted the HTTS and SSL transfer protocols to protect the files during this process.

#4 Creation of Private Links

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A thing that might not seem suspicious to you is the creation of share links. These might be very convenient when you want to send files to your friends but they can also be easily extracted by unauthorized users. A way to make sure that these share links remain private is to set a password for them. Moreover, you can choose to add an expiration date to them after which they become inactive.

#5 Dedicated Password-Protected Space

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The best cloud app security practice is to create a dedicated space for your most sensitive files. These pieces of data are protected with a password and can only be unlocked either with it or your biometric details. This means that no one else rather than you can gain access to them. TeraBox has created a Safe space that allows you to take advantage of these super secure functions.

Final Thoughts

Cloud app security is essential regardless of the tool you are using. However, TeraBox is the most secure cloud storage app that has adopted all the technologies that enhance the privacy of your data. Download TeraBox to enjoy risk-free cloud storage management.

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