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TeraBox: New chance to win $400 at home!

$400 isn’t just a dream. Make money at home!

Updated on Feb 15:
The TeraBox Sharing Campaign in Feb gives you a chance to earn even more rewards!
From Feb 15 to Feb 23 (GMT+8), you’ll get an additional $3 towards your total rewards for sharing 100 file links on TeraBox.
Please note that totals are only paid out for rewards equal to or greater than $5.
View your sharing history in “File Sharing” on the TeraBox app.
The campaign has been extended to Feb 23 (GMT+8) to allow you to earn even more awards.


TeraBox Sharing Campaign in Feb has begun! Upload and share videos, pictures, music, etc. with TeraBox. Get paid for sharing files!
Time: January 27 – February 23, 2022 (GMT+8)

How to Participate:
1. Register as a TeraBox user (either on or in the TeraBox App).
2. Click here to sign up
3. Share files with as many other people as possible with TeraBox.

Calculating Rewards: You get paid whenever someone opens your file-sharing link and registers as a new TeraBox user on that page.

Reward rules:
1. During the campaign, each newly registered user you introduce by sharing links earns you a $0.10 reward.
2. After the campaign has finished, the total number of new users registered through the links that you have shared during the campaign are ranked, and additional rewards are allocated on the basis of the rankings:

Ranking Essential condition: Minimum number of new users introduced Additional rewards
1 1000 $300 + 1 year of TeraBox Premium
2~5 800 $100 + 90 days of TeraBox Premium
6~20 500 $50 + 90 days of TeraBox Premium

3. The maximum amount of the total reward payable to each user is $1000. Rewards exceeding this amount will not be paid out.

How rewards are issued:
1. Rewards of more than $5 will be issued to the winner’s bank account. Winners will be contacted by email to collect the relevant banking information within 5 working days after the end of the sharing campaign. Please be sure to check your mailbox.
2. Thirty days of TeraBox Premium will be offered to users who have earned a reward of $1 or more than but less than $5. Please be sure to check your mailbox.
3. Fourteen days of TeraBox Premium will be offered to users who have earned a reward of more than $0 but less than $1. Please be sure to check your mailbox.
4. Transfer fees shall be borne by winners.

TIPS: How to earn more rewards(Easter eggs at comment)

How to check rewards:
During the campaign, we will post rankings on the TeraBox blog and Telegram channel every Wednesday. Please stay tuned to [Blog] and [Telegram].

Users who have not signed up for the campaign or who provide false information will not be entitled to collect rewards.
TeraBox reserves the right to deny rewards in the event of fraud.
For any questions about the sharing campaign, please contact us at
TeraBox retains the right of final interpretation for the sharing campaign.

PS: How to use TeraBox? Here are some teaching videos.



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