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7 Best Cloud Storage Software In 2022 And How To Decide

The market is flooded with various cloud storage providers with different pricing plans and optimization tools. The question is How to get the required services within an inexpensive subscription package?

Picking up the best cloud storage software like TeraBox free cloud that meets the requirements of seasoned techie might be challenging. Have you tested multiple cloud storage mediums but none of them comply with your needs? This article is for you.

01 cloud storage

To assist our readers, we select, analyze and list top cloud storage providers that, according to our experts, are perfect for storing personal and business information.


What Is Best Cloud Storage?

If you are disconcerted about which service is suitable, opt TeraBox directly. However, there are several cloud storage options to explore.


02 TeraBox 1024GB free storage

None of the digitalized storage platforms offers an incredible 1TB memory location for free.

TeraBox is the only one with an excellent file management strategy and incredible features that you can’t find in a free version of similar software. Its encrypted security, huge free cloud storage, and file recovery option are what excites most tech enthusiasts.


  • File sharing of around 20GB in a single operation
  • 1TB free storage capacity
  • File recovery within 1 month


  • macOS version is not available for now



03 iDrive

Unlike TeraBox, it doesn’t grant 1TB cloud storage, but still, you receive 5GB external memory at the server where you can reside all your information.

If you are looking for cloud storage and backup in a single application, iDrive cloud storage software is quite acceptable. However, like other backup and recovery solutions, iDrive doesn’t confine you to a single PC. But it lacks to provide reliable security.


  • Great premium package
  • Excellent for backup and storage
  • Files are accessible through any device


  • Two-factor authentication is not included


Amazon Cloud Drive

04 Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Drive is a great cloud storage application but its pricing plans are quite disappointing because they do not give advanced collaborative tools in its package, which you can get in similar software at the exact expense.

However, they offer secure and free cloud storage of up to 5GB with the advantage of file sharing and photo printing.


  • 5GB, including Amazon Prime
  • Speedy backup and file transmission
  • Offers 3-months long trial


  • Expensive



05 pCloud

pCloud works similar to the hard drive. It mounts a virtual drive on your disc. Instead of using space on a hard drive, it manages to store files virtually. A problem exists with the automatic sync feature. Sometimes, it doesn’t work, causing your data to collapse, due to which files eventually corrupted.


  • Variety of encryption levels
  • 10GB free cloud storage
  • No limitation on device


  • Unavailability of document integration



06 Polarbackup

If you are looking for cloud software that protects data effectively, Polarbackup will be the right choice. It securely backups external, local, and network drives. The automatic backup feature saves you from the accidental loss of files and stores them forever.

It is well-known software with a bunch of unique features to enhance productivity to some extent. It supports AWS technology and offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform to sort and preview files.


  • It offers efficient redundancy and duplication.
  • You can restore your files with one click
  • Polarbackup offers high quality, consistent and reliable cloud storage
  • The AWS advanced technology keeps your data available on demand


  • It does not work for the Linux platform


Customer support should be the priority of the service provider. TeraBox has keenly taken this key measure and confirms 24/7 customer support. But Sync lacks here. Limited support is what frustrates Sync users the most. Slow syncing is another significant drawback. Still, it’s a good choice for corporations in terms of storage.


  • Easy file sharing
  • Compliance with global data privacy
  • File restoration facility


  • Syncing is relatively slow



08 OpenDrive

OpenDrive cloud storage app comes with an archaic user interface. Its unlimited cloud storage is restricted to paid plans only. In a free version, you got hit 5GB cloud storage suitable for personal use but pathetic for business purposes.


  • Unlimited cloud storage on a paid plan
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Economical


  • Slower data transfer



Product Service
TeraBox ·      1 TB free storage

·      Storage: 2TB

·      Price: $3.90/month

iDrive ·      Storage: 5TB

·      Price: $79.50/year

Amazon Cloud Drive ·      Storage: 2 TB

·      Price: $119.98/year)

pCloud ·      Storage: 500GB

·      Price: $175/once

OneDrive ·      Storage: 100GB

·      Price: 1.91/month ·      Storage: 1TB

·      Price: $5/month (billed annually)

OpenDrive ·      Storage: Unlimited

·      Price: $9.95/month

How to Get Cloud Storage Software for Free?

09 TeraBox unlimited free storage

If you strive for the best cloud file storage services for business activities, sign up for TeraBox free cloud storage today.

Follow this step by guide to get yourself register

  • Visit TeraBox’s official website or get TeraBox for your device.
  • Sign up to TeraBox with any of these three listed methods.
  • Once you sign up, you receive free storage in the cloud for up to 1TB for free.

10 TeraBox login


Wrapping Up

Having maximum cloud storage these days is essential. Many cloud businesses are operating online, and they require frequent file sharing having massive data. In that case, a limited storage location might not be enough for you.

Thanks to TeraBox cloud storage software that offers a 1TB cloud storage location for a lifetime, which incorporates multiple optimization tools to speed up business activities. Download TeraBox and try out the 1TB free storage. If you want more, subscribe to their premium package for limitless benefits.

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