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How TeraBox Defends User Data Security

TeraBox attaches great importance to your data security and privacy protection and safeguards your cloud data by its industry-leading storage capacity and technical certification.

TeraBox provides you with comprehensive data protection.

Encrypted uploads and downloads prevent any security risks

Provide comprehensive protection for your data by HTTPS transmission encryption protocol.

Reject any search crawler

Use the extraction code method for sharing by default and prevent crawlers from crawling by encryption. The robot prevents crawling and doesn’t allow the search website to include and share links.

Only you can view the storage contents

The source data and file data are stored separately, and the sensitive marks are desensitized by encryption and digitization; personal files are split into different file blocks and stored on different servers.

Account device protection

Identity authentication, log-in identity protection, and other multiple account protection capabilities.

Security and privacy indispensable

TeraBox promises to protect your privacy and security, and not to disclose your personal information for any reason.

Sound data protection and service permission system

In TeraBox, only the services passing the strict identity verification can acquire the “Pass”. Be authenticated and processed by other services to strictly control the security of internal services and the privacy protection of data flow.

High-security level of encryption authentication service

Currently, TeraBox has applied a very high-security level of encryption authentication service and devotes itself to resolving the unified authentication and authentication of enterprise resource access. Based on access control, cutting-edge cryptography, large-scale distributed system, and big data security and intelligence, TeraBox has established the host, virtual machine, vessel, and service access control capabilities supporting the scale of millions of instances to realize accuracy to the access control of the natural person, device and process. By the encryption authentication service, TeraBox can control the privacy protection of internal data more strictly and improve the security level of service.

Skilled security team

TeraBox security team consisting of experts in privacy protection, risk control, and anti-spamming, and those from security department participate in the privacy, risk control, and basic security protection work of TeraBox to safeguard your privacy security.

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