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How to Ensure Cloud Data Security?

Over the years, with the use of cloud storage as an extra storage space increasing significantly, cloud data security is also a matter of concern and something that is increasingly discussed these days. While people enjoy the convenience of cloud services, they also need to be pay more attention to some data security risks that come with it.

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Of course, when you take your important data off your personal device and store it on a cloud, it gets exposed to a number of security risks. You need to set up strong user authentication and rely on a trusted cloud storage provider that uses the latest data security technologies to take stringent measures for cloud data protection.

At the end of the day, both the users and the cloud storage providers are responsible for cloud data security. Let’s dig deeper and try to understand the common cloud security risks and the measures you need to take for ensuring cloud data safety when you choose online cloud storage to store your important data online and keep it easily accessible.


What are Some Cloud Security Risks?

Despite the evolution of the latest technologies, cloud data security remains a vital concern even till today. Different types of cloud security risks need timely mitigation to avoid data breaches and data loss. Here are some pertinent cloud security hazards that call for the best secure cloud storage.

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Unauthorized Access

Poorly configured access controls and weak user authentication often puts your important data on the cloud at risk of unauthorized third-party access. When your data is compromised and accessible to anyone not privileged to access it, you are at risk of identity theft, account takeover, misuse of sensitive information, and various other potential hazards. Therefore, it is critically important that you use the best safe cloud storage to ensure that your data is kept safe and accessible only to those authorized.  

Cyber-Attacks and Data Breaches

Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest cloud safety risks and probably the key reason why cloud data security is stressed so much. Your important personal information, including your photos, videos, and documents, stored even in the best safe cloud storage is not impenetrable. It is always prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Whether it is a deliberate phishing attempt targeted at stealing your cloud login credentials or an accidental data breach, a data leak may result in your confidential information being made publicly available or sold on the dark market.

Accidental Data Loss

While data breaches can expose your important information and make it available for unintentional use, permanent data loss is another one of the most serious cloud safety threats. Such cloud security risks are often unexpected and can be really hard to handle. Whether it is due to data alteration in dynamic databases, unexpected outage of the unreliable cloud storage medium, accidental data deletion, or lost access, it can make your important data permanently unavailable. To ensure cloud data security, you need to take regular backups and choose the top safe cloud storage that offers geodiversity and does not store all your data in a single physical location.

These cloud security risks and many others require you to not only choose the best secure cloud storage but also follow the cloud data security best practices to keep your important data safe and make the most of your cloud storage.

Best Practices for Cloud Data Security

There are a few simple principles to ensure cloud data protection that not only help avoid accidental data loss but also keep your important data safe from cyber-attacks. The following best practices for cloud data security will help keep your data safe when stored online.

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Use Strong, Unique Passwords

One of the biggest mistakes cloud users make is to use a single password for different online services they use. As a result, when hackers manage to crack it, they can easily get access to all their online assets. Therefore, it is always recommended to use strong and unique passwords to improve your cloud data security. A reliable cloud storage provider would require you to set up strong passwords that include at least one upper-case letter, one symbol, and one lower-case letter to prevent unauthorized access.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication has become more of a standard measure to ensure the best cloud data protection these days. Most cloud services and applications now require users to set up two-factor authentication to protect their data. Essentially, with two-factor authentication, users receive an OTP on their registered mobile number or email address that they need to enter to log in to their cloud account. It reduces the possibility of unauthorized access significantly.

Use Encrypted Services

When you use cloud storage, your important data is sent back and forth between the cloud and your network, exposing it to potential cloud security risks. Encrypting your cloud data offers added security for your sensitive information stored online. It helps ensure that even your cloud storage provider is not able to access your personal data and information. Always use the finest secure cloud storage that offers encryption features to keep your data safe online, especially during data transfers.

Configure Your Cloud Services Correctly

Today’s sophisticated cloud storage comes with different important services and settings to give users the best experience possible. However, when not configured correctly, they may lead to exploitable vulnerabilities and expose your important data to serious cloud security threats. Therefore, you should always double-check that the encryption services, access/authentication management, network controls, and other settings are configured correctly before you store your data in the cloud.

Create Regular Backups

Creating regular backups allows you to keep your important data stored in the cloud safe, especially in case of accidental data loss. The best secure cloud storage takes automatic backups at regular intervals to avoid data loss even if you forget to take a backup.

Follow these best practices and use the best cloud security tool to ensure that your precious data is stored safely and is not exposed to cloud security threats.


Which is the Best Secure Cloud Storage?

Other than following all the best cloud security practices you can, the most fundamental rule of thumb is actually to find and use a secure and reputable cloud storage. Cloud users have more options available today than ever. However, not all of them offer the same level of cloud data security to give you the peace of mind you deserve. When you compare the best secure cloud storage options available today, TeraBox easily stands out and competes with the top names in the industry. It’s the best secure cloud storage that comes at a fraction of the price.

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What sets TeraBox apart from the rest is that it ensures the best cloud data protection for both data storage and data sharing. It is ISO/IEC certified for cloud data security and ensures your data is kept safe and secure in a risk-free environment. Let’s dig deeper and explore how TeraBox makes it all happen.


User Authentication and Access Control

Like any other top safe cloud storage, TeraBox requires users to verify their identity before they could access any of their resources on the cloud. Besides, they can use access control features to make certain cloud resources accessible to specific users only.

End-to-End Encryption

TeraBox relies on advanced security protocols and end-to-end encryption to give you the most secure cloud storage space with ultimate cloud data protection on offer. End-to-end encryption is considered the gold standard when it comes to protecting data storage and transfers online. It ensures that only the sender and their intended recipients can access the information. Even if hackers or unwanted third parties manage to breach security, the encrypted data is useless for them.

Locked Privacy Safe

One of the unique features of TeraBox to prevent cloud security threats is the locked privacy safe. It’s your private password-protected safe box within your TeraBox account, designed to keep your most important documents and information safe from unauthorized access. Users can set a unique password lock on their privacy safe – different from their account password – and password verification will be required every time they try to access it.

SSL for Added Safety

TeraBox ensures that your file transfers are safe and secure by implementing an SSL security certificate for added safety. The built-in cloud data security technology ensures any information entered by the users is processed securely and protected from cyber-attacks.

With these security measures in place, TeraBox is by far the best secure cloud storage that offers ultimate file transfer security.

Final Thoughts

With cloud storage becoming a norm in today’s digitally-connected world, we have plenty of cloud storage providers who claim to offer the best safe cloud storage. But do they give you the same level of cloud data security against ever-evolving cloud security risks? Probably not! Fortunately, you can rely on TeraBox to avoid potential cloud security threats and ensure maximum cloud data safety. Download TeraBox free now and enjoy 1TB of free, most secure data storage online!


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