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Is TeraBox Safe?

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The is no denying the fact that a responsible and reliable cloud service provider should always put data security and users’ privacy first. Yet few of the current players in this industry could actually achieve that aim, so as one of the free cloud service providers, is TeraBox safe or not?

While great risks of personal information disclosing, Internet crawlers stealing, spam emails harassing interrupt our normal life, TeraBox stands out as a groundbreaking game-changer for the whole cloud storage world.

From the moment you log in to your account to each and every early morning and late night when you put it aside, TeraBox never gets loose for a second in regards to your file security.

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Safe storage: everything you save is under the protection

As is seen to us all, massive data storage is now a hot topic for almost everyone’s different needs, yet the sky-high price and easily attacked personal privacy really daunt people. For those who are on the hunt for a bargain-priced bulk storage solution, TeraBox is one hundred percent risk-free.

  • Super-secure free 1024 GB permanent space

What’s your deepest fear when making the decision to give cloud service space a shot? The safety of your personal images, videos, and resources, I guess.

Now, TeraBox gives you the best solution with its 1 TB free space, approximately 68 times bigger than its counterparts, making it possible for you to keep, manage, and integrate everything you want to save on varied facilities.


  • Safe your undeviating cloud strongbox

It is totally comprehendible that everybody gets his/her own treasured secret files or resources. Therefore, TeraBox creates a cloud “bank vault”, named Safe, for your super confidential or highly sensitive storage. With the four-number password you set at first, you don’t need to worry about your naughty girlfriend’s “surprise” check!

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Safe transmission: anything you transmit is of great security

Abiding by industry-leading encryption protocols, TeraBox brings great changes to the cloud solution world in a transcendent way.

  • HTTPS protocol: To expand its name in a full way, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure can explain best itself. By applying safe certification (SSL) from third portals on verifying whether the site and connection are lawfully begotten, HTTPS helps to secure information related to your physical identity.
  • Magnet URL protocol: In essence, a magnetic link refers to a hyperlink comprising torrent-file hash functions with no requirement for a tracker, providing the best convenience for downloading files and protecting them against cyber threats.

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Safe sharing: each file you send is anti-crawling

Have you ever felt bothered by the unauthorized disclosure of your personal information or creative output? If so, a private link with a password invented by TeraBox will do your favor.

  • Extraction code verification for your private links

In general, TeraBox launches two approaches to file sharing, sending through email addresses or pasting the share link on your chat services.

As for the latter, you are free to password protect the private files you share with the help of a randomly produced four-number code. Also, an expiration date restricting further access after the deadline will be useful for you to better safeguard the documents within the link.

0415 safe to share files

  • Defend your data from web crawling

If you still have no idea of the reason for the above-mentioned unauthorized private file publicity, you may have to know more about web crawling. The web crawlers are the real collectors to be blamed behind the scene.

Based on their data indexing work targeted on web pages through automated programming, the most influential search engines have the chance to access the data from your documents. To tackle this risk, TeraBox employs the most advanced encryption technologies to build an indestructible firewall for your privacy.

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Professional team of security experts: everything you wanna know is transparent!

To achieve the highest-level security, TeraBox builds a professional team, assisting every user with their safety-related needs. The following protection measures speak out of our good faith and focus on transparency and accountability:

  • Each service runs in an isolated environment with a designated data center, protecting your files from unauthorized access or alteration.
  • Each TeraBox server is strengthened with a firewall in defense of unauthorized access or attack.
  • Strict policies and procedures are established for suspicious activities detection and termination.
  • An exclusive after-service team is always at your service, supporting and fixing every problem in your feedback or complaints.

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Here at TeraBox, your storage security is our No.1 priority!

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