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BIG NEWS: TeraBox Is ISO 27018 and ISO 27701 Certified!

Can we trust TeraBox? How safe is TeraBox cloud storage? People always have concerns when using TeraBox for file transfer and data backup. Now, three newly released ISO certifications may be able to address all of your TeraBox safety concerns.

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Just a few short months after TeraBox last obtained ISO 27001 certification, we are proud to announce that we are now ISO 27018 and ISO 27701 certified. It is really a big step for TeraBox in terms of data protection and also represents that TeraBox has reached the international top level in terms of privacy, security, accuracy, and transparency of personal information.

As one of the best free cloud storage providers to receive these three certifications, we knew we had our work cut out for us in not only providing cloud backup and file transfer services, but also protecting users’ data security. When choosing a cloud storage tool, safety would be the first factor to consider. That’s why we’ve been working on it. We look at what we’ve done so far and where we’re heading so that we can keep trying to make an even bigger difference.


So what exactly has TeraBox done to defend users’ data security? What is ISO? Why does it matter? Let’s get started!

What Is ISO Certification? Why Is It Important?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, nongovernmental, global organization that establishes standards to assure the safety, quality, and efficiency of tools, services, and even systems. Each certification has its own set of requirements and criteria to meet.

ISO Certification

ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy and Data Protection)

It is the first international standard for privacy and data protection that applies to secure cloud service providers like TeraBox, which processes personal information on behalf of its users.

mark of trust certified ISO 27018 personal data in the cloud black logo En GB 0220

ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management)

As a privacy extension to ISO 27001, ISO 27701 is designed to enhance the existing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) with additional requirements and continually improve a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). It means that TeraBox is capable of managing privacy controls to reduce the risk to the privacy rights of its individuals.

mark of trust certified ISO IEC 27701 logo En GB 0420

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)

The one TeraBox got first, ISO 27001, is the best-known international standard. With this certification, TeraBox could manage the security of assets such as intellectual property, financial information, and even information entrusted to a third party.

mark of trust certified ISOIEC 27001 information security management black logo En GB 1019


The three ISO certificates show that TeraBox has the skills and dedication to reach important business goals like customer satisfaction and data security.

How Does TeraBox Safeguard Your Data?

TeraBox always puts data security first. Except for backing up by cutting-edge technology and security processes to keep data safe and secure, TeraBox also spends much time working on fast and secure file transfer, encryption, and network configuration. All these have made it one of the most reliable and secure cloud services for exchanging and keeping personal and sensitive information in the market today.


Safety measures taken by TeraBox to ensure user data security include the following:

Encryption Protocols

To protect our users’ privacy when transferring data over the internet, TeraBox applies multiple encryption technologies, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Magnet URL, and HTTPS Transmission Encryption Protocols. All your files are safely kept in TeraBox to prevent unauthorized access.

TeraBox applies the HTTPS Transmission Encryption Protocol to protect our users’ privacy when transferring data over the internet. The same as HTTPS, SSL ensures authentication and data integrity for all the data transferred between users and TeraBox. SSL also digitally signs data to verify that it has not been tampered with before reaching users.

TeraBox Encryption Protocols

Safety Check

TeraBox will regularly check your devices and prevent encrypted crawling from illegal blocking crawlers, whether they are smartphones, tablets, or computers. TeraBox also makes an unbreakable firewall for all your files, which makes it less likely that your data will be stolen.

Identity Authentication

To ensure the safety of the whole process, TeraBox uses face ID recognition for iOS users and fingerprint verification for Android users to log in and unlock the Safe. Besides, it will automatically be locked after one minute of inactivity.

TeraBox Identity Authentication

TeraBox values accountability and safety highly. In addition to the above measures, our professional R&D team is committed to strictly keeping our users’ data safe. Meanwhile, we have a Security and Feedback team whose mission is to monitor the risk alerts and collect negative feedback from our users across all platforms so that we can promote and practice the implementation of the security system construction.

As our product grows and matures, so should our collective sense of responsibility. TeraBox is completely dedicated to protecting users’ privacy and providing the best handling practices, free cloud storage, and super data security. Obtaining the three ISO certifications is just the beginning, in the future, we will continue to enhance the data security performance of TeraBox and optimize our user experience.


At this point, I believe that you will have no doubts regarding TeraBox’s optimal security for users while sharing and storing data online. So why not download the TeraBox APK right now and give it a try?

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