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TeraBox Referral Program: Your A to Z Guide

Did you know you can earn a hefty income by becoming a TeraBox Webmaster? It just got better: with the additional path of the TeraBox Referral Program for Webmasters, you can easily boost profits by inviting others to become TeraBox Webmasters too. Let’s jump right into the basics of the TeraBox Referral Program, and why you shouldn’t miss it.

00 TeraBox Referral Program

What is TeraBox Referral Program?

To start with, what does TeraBox Webmasters do? In this cooperative promotion project, the more you expand your reach on social media platforms, the greater potential you have to turn your influence into earnings. The benefits are mutual and self-reinforcing: the more people you can get to use TeraBox, the more money you can make from our program, and the more exposure and followers you can gain for your own. There is something in it for everyone, and it’s completely free to join.

TeraBox Referral Program works in three ways:

01 TeraBox Referral Program

TeraBox Referral Program is superior to other programs in many ways. If you’ve ever tried to make money via referrals, you know how difficult it is to find a flexible, rewarding, and reliable program.

On the other hand, TeraBox allows you to choose between two plans, with the additional option of Referral Program for Webmasters, which maximizes your chance of profiting in any way possible. From the experiences of multiple successful TeraBox Webmasters, here’s what you can expect:

  • 5K followers: $35/week
  • 20K followers: $140/week
  • 100K followers: $700/week

Most importantly, commission withdrawal can be done effortlessly, without endless wrestling with the rules. You can withdraw any time of the day, each withdrawal up to $1000, and the arrival usually takes only hours or even minutes.

02 TeraBox Referral Program

How to Join TeraBox Referral Program?

Sounds exciting? Here’s how to get started in a few steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a TeraBox account if you haven’t already.


Step 2: Visit the TeraBox Webmaster page. Select one out of the two plans.

03 TeraBox Referral Program

Step 3: To earn rewards in both programs, you need to share content through a TeraBox link. First, tap “Share files to earn rewards” or “Share videos to earn money” to upload files. Then, share the link with as many people as possible to increase its visibility and reach.

04 TeraBox Referral Program

Step 4: Monitor the metrics of the links in the “Sharing history” section as new users and viewers keep rolling in.

05 TeraBox Referral Program

Step 5: Track your rewards in the “Reward history” section. When your rewards accumulate to $20*, hit “Withdrawal” to withdraw it without any service fee.

Note: Withdraw threshold varies among countries; see FAQ.

06 TeraBox Referral Program

Step 6: To join the new Referral Program for Webmasters, when new users sign up via your exclusive invitation link, become webmasters and earn rewards through their chosen plan, you can get a share of their earnings automatically. The amount of these earnings is displayed next to your own rewards.

07 TeraBox Referral Program

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True Stories of TeraBox Webmasters

TeraBox Referral Program is open, honest, and pays out well for its members. Don’t take our word for it; hear from our webmasters, who have personally reaped the benefits of our services.

Real Priyanshu: Earn 10x More

Real Priyanshu, a TeraBox Webmaster who shares on Telegram, used to use mdisk before switching to TeraBox. “I joined the TeraBox a few months ago when one of my friends suggested it,” he said, “and I was so amazed by my earnings!”

Prior to this, he made a meager $10 on mdisk and all other platforms combined. Yet, with only one link on TeraBox, his earnings rocketed to $50. When asked about the secret of his success, he said the telegram bot (@Videotoolterabot) has been such an asset. Users can send any video to it and get a link to be shared directly.

Real Priyanshu also spoke highly of TeraBox Referral Program’s superb information support. From getting started to withdrawing earnings, the staff is always here to help. “Please don’t miss this!” he appealed to every Telegram channel owner out there.

08 TeraBox Referral Program

Rechard: Earn $500 in 5 days

Rechard, a blogger, first started using TeraBox as a cloud storage app, but when he discovered our referral program, he saw it as a chance to make some autopilot income.

According to Rechard, TeraBox has been quite lucrative, as he has earned about $500 in just five days. He told TeraBox, “I used to make money using PastePESO. After using TeraBox, I’ve made more than 5 times as much!”

Furthermore, he was able to withdraw the money soon after earning it. With the extra income, Rechard is already in the process of selecting his new computer, and as in many TeraBox Webmaster stories, he encourages all users to seize this opportunity.

09 TeraBox Referral Program


Q1: I have shared links and got views/new signups, why isn’t my accumulated reward increased?

A: There is a 3-day delay before your rewards are added to the accumulated reward. However, every day’s rewards can be seen in the “Rewards history”, which is updated from 1 pm to 5 pm (GMT+8), statistics as of the previous day.

Q2: Is there any threshold for withdrawals?

A: Check the details below to see the withdrawal threshold for your country. You can only withdraw once a day, up to $1000.

10 TeraBox Referral Program

Q3: Why hasn’t my withdrawal arrived?

A: If the withdrawal hasn’t arrived in 3 working days, you can submit a feedback form through the website or app, and we will help you check the transaction details.

Q4: I don’t have enough storage to store and share more files, what can I do?

A: You can upgrade storage in TeraBox for free in many ways. For example, you can go to the Welfare Center and complete some challenges to get extra storage. As a TeraBox Webmaster, once you bring 50 new users in total, you will automatically gain an extra 1 TB of permanent space.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to earn some extra cash from home, TeraBox Referral Program is the way to go. With 1 TB of free cloud storage and the opportunity to earn money by simply sharing content, it’s a win-win for you. The program offers not one, but two exciting plans for users to choose from, and commission withdrawal is quick and without any hidden fees. It’s no surprise that the program has already made many people successful.

So why wait? Become a TeraBox Webmaster today, and experience the benefits that come with this incredible opportunity!



    1. Thank you for choosing TeraBox!

      You can now upgrade your storage to 1TB by inviting your friends to join TeraBox. Simply follow the instructions in the Welfare Center to find your unique link. For every person who signs up through your invitation, you’ll receive 200GB of extra storage space, up to a maximum of 2000GB. You can also earn additional storage by participating in other campaigns in the Welfare Center. Happy sharing!

    1. Joining our Referral program is easy. All you need to do is sign up for a TeraBox account and visit the TeraBox Webmaster page. From there, select one of the two available plans, and you can start earning big by either inviting new users to sign up for TeraBox or by getting more views on your shared TeraBox videos.

      To explore more campaigns and exciting offers, please visit our article at:

  1. Sir I have made a withdrawal from your telegram bot and now my views are not getting counted please help me with this problem

    1. Thank you for choosing TeraBox Referral Program!

      Please feel free to email us at with a detailed description of your issue along with any relevant image files. Our VIP support team will handle your query with dedicated attention and resolve your issue efficiently. Thank you for your continued support!

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