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Earning with TeraBox: TeraBox Referral Success & Program Updates

TeraBox, as a user-friendly cloud storage solution, makes file storage, content sharing, and video playback a breeze. With ample storage space, users can access their files whenever and wherever they need.

Meanwhile, TeraBox offers users the chance to earn big through the Referral Program. In today’s spotlight, we have a TeraBox webmaster sharing his journey, explaining how he made money online through the TeraBox Referral Program.

From TeraBox Webmaster – Renji Kobayashi:

“It all started when I was looking for ways to make extra money online. That’s when I found out about TeraBox and its referral program. Before that, I only used TeraBox to store my important files, thinking it was a generous cloud storage tool.

The discovery was a bit surprising, so I checked out its referral program. The idea of making money by sharing files and videos caught my attention, mainly because I’m a big fan of movies. I always stay updated on the latest films, join cinema events, and collect trending movie and TV resources. I also know that many people share a similar demand for quality movie resources, it felt like a great chance for me.

TeraBox offers three plans, and I opted for the Video Plays Plan: share videos through the TeraBox link and get as many plays as possible, earning $1.3 per 1000 views. It seems that I can earn more compared to other referral programs.

TeraBox Referral Program 01

Here’s how my journey as a TeraBox webmaster started:

First, I already have a TeraBox account. Then, I went to the TeraBox Webmaster page and picked the video plays plan. I heard some webmasters go for both plans. After that, I saved the videos on TeraBox and shared them using a TeraBox link to get more viewers.

At first, getting more video plays wasn’t easy. I only had a few views in the beginning. Luckily, my friends pitched in to repost and share the content on different social media platforms. I also made my own groups, bringing together fans interested in movie resources. Over time, the video plays started to go up. At the same time, I could keep track of the link metrics in the “Sharing history” section as more users and viewers interacted with TeraBox.

TeraBox will turn my video plays into earnings, and I can easily keep track of my rewards in the “Reward history” section. Once my rewards hit $20, I can withdraw the money without any service fee.

TeraBox Referral Program 04

Through the process, I appreciate the staff for guiding me from the initial steps to initiating withdrawals. They’ve been a constant support, when I thought about giving up. Up to now, I’ve earned over $2000 through the TeraBox referral program, which has made a significant difference for my family and me. I spend my free time every day on TeraBox, and with a small investment, I’ve seen substantial returns.

TeraBox Referral Program 02

As I got to know TeraBox better, I felt it was too good not to share. I started telling my friends, family, and online buddies about it. It’s worth trying when you have some free time, and it can even be a serious way to earn some extra cash.”

That’s how Renji earned money with the TeraBox referral program. Check out more TeraBox Webmaster stories here. They’re all about how users like Renji have made significant earnings by joining the TeraBox Referral Program.

TeraBox Referral Program Updates

Now, the TeraBox Referral Program has been running smoothly for over 500 days, with a strong global presence of over 500,000 webmasters across more than 210 countries. Currently, we have four attractive plans for you to join:

1. New Users Plan: Introduce new users to TeraBox and earn up to $0.13 for each one.
2. Video Plays Plan: Get up to $1.3 for every 1,000 views on the videos you share.
3. Earn from Ads and Premium: Receive bonuses from ad displays and earn 50% of the membership purchase amount through the links you share.
4. Paid Content: Set flexible prices for your content and earn up to $100 per link.

TeraBox Referral Program 03

Feel free to pick and try any Referral plan on TeraBox, and you can switch between them whenever you like. Come and join us! Let TeraBox guide you on the journey to share and be rich. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of TeraBox – it’s a secure cloud storage tool that can also help you earn big!

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