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TeraBox: Trusted Cloud Storage in Japan

TeraBox offers trusted, reliable, secure, and best free cloud storage in Japan. We are committed to providing secure cloud storage that is equipped with the latest security methodologies and measures. We ensure the users’ data is secure on the platform and safe from hackers, intruders, and every person on the planet except the owner of the data.

TeraBox Trusted Cloud Storage in Japan

In this article, we will explain how TeraBox offers secure cloud storage. We will go through the efforts TeraBox puts in and the safety measures it takes to make one of the safest cloud storage in Japan.

Transparency and Accountability

Firstly, our parent company is Flextech, which is a famous Japanese company for offering cloud storage solutions. It is trusted by some of the big brands, including Booster and Pixela. Our headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. We store users’ data within the Japanese borders to ensure utmost security and no involvement of governments and other regulatory bodies. Our data is stored at safe locations within the country.

Japan emphasizes the safeguarding of users’ data in cloud storage. It is the primary requirement for every cloud storage provider, and there are stringent regulations to protect users’ data and ensure its security.

Any cloud storage service provider in the country must comply with Japanese data protection laws. There are multiple laws; however, the Act of Protection of Personal Information (APPI) is specifically made to safeguard the personal information of the users.

Japan requires providers to store residents’ data within the country. It ensures the security and privacy of the data and prevents unauthorized access by other governments.

It is essential to control the access of the account and provide access to the user only. There should be multi-factor authentication and a secure login system. Moreover, encryption of data transmission is a must to prevent hackers and intruders from accessing users’ data.

Multi- factor Authentication

TeraBox is proud to comply with the stringent Japanese regulations. We adhere to the data security and privacy laws of the country and ensure the highest standards.

Secutity Protocols and Certification

Secondly, the data uploaded by the users is end-to-end encrypted. It means only the users can access data, and no one, even the employees of TeraBox, can access it. Due to advanced encryption, even if someone steals data, it will be useless.

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt users’ data. It makes data transmission between the browser and server extremely secure. We also incorporate TLS (Transfer Protocol Layer) to provide end-to-end security of data. Moreover, the two-factor authentication only allows the owner of the data to access the account.

Security & Privacy

We use advanced technology to safeguard users’ data and ensure its privacy and security. The data stored on the cloud is safe, which means users can store anything they want with confidence.

Besides, TeraBox is ISO-certified and has taken data privacy and security to the next level. ISO is an international security standard for the protection of personal information in the cloud. TeraBox now are ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and ISO 27701 certified,  governing the measures to ensure the privacy of the information.

These certifications ensure TeraBox is one of the safest cloud storage services in the world. It offers a secure platform where users can store data without any worries.

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Global Compliance with GDPR

The GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) is the EU’s framework for data privacy and security. It dictates how the stored data should be secured.

According to GDPR, the cloud storage service provider is responsible for data security. It should take all the security measures, including encryption and access control.

TeraBox is proud to be compliant with GDPR. Not only for the users of Japan, it takes security and safety measures on the global level. It complies with strict regulations for data security and privacy to serve users in the European Union.

The implementation of the latest technologies that we have already discussed, such as SSL, TLS, HTTPS, and access control, helps TeraBox secure users’ data and comply with GDPR regulations.

GDPR Complaince

By GDPR regulations, EU citizens have the right to access their data and get it rectified and erased from the database. We allow our users and give them control over their personal information and data. They can request us to delete or rectify any information collected.

We are also restricted from using personal data for any purpose other than business operations. We do not sell or misuse users’ personal information. The data of the user is end-to-end encrypted, so no one can access it except the user.

We strictly adhere to the GDPR regulations and are proud to comply with global data security standards.

Trustworthiness of TeraBox

TeraBox offers the best value to the users. Up to 1024 GB of free storage space is free, which is more than enough to store data from multiple devices. For advanced features and more storage, the premium plan costs only $3.45 per month for 2TB storage, offering much better value than other cloud storage options out there.

Users love TeraBox because of its affordability, ease of use, advanced features, and, most importantly, security. The account is secured through password and two-factor authentication, so only the user can access the account. That’s why your data is safe with TeraBox. Secondly, there is a special Private Vault that stores data with an additional layer of security.

A user review on Trustpilot:

“TeraBox is by far the largest free cloud storage I have came across. Data transfer is extremely quick on both download and upload. I have purchased the premium version for just $2.99 per month and believe me when I tell you that it is very much worth it. It’s cheap, fast, user friendly, safely encrypted, comes with a decent amount of storage, and has plenty of perks to keep you checking back in on a daily basis. All in all it’s an awesome app. The remote upload for torrenting just rocks too.”

A user review on Capterra:

“I really love TeraBox with its tremendous capacity to store files and i Really love the file sharing capacity. It also provides the option to download the shared file easily which is really helpful. I feel secured using terabox.”

The goal of TeraBox is to offer reliable and secure cloud storage. Users love TeraBox for its massive free storage, security, affordability, and features.

Final Thoughts

TeraBox is one of the most secure cloud storage services in Japan. It not only adheres to the Japanese data security and privacy regulations but also the global standards, including GDPR. No one can access or steal users’ data due to top-notch security and secure data storage locations.

It is a reliable cloud storage solution where users can store personal and business data with confidence. Download TeraBox APK today and enjoy up to 1024GB of free storage.

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