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Celebrating with TeraBox: Awards and Milestones on the Journey

The journey of TeraBox has been like a rocket soaring into space—exceptional growth, plentiful achievements, and new heights of success. The thriving force behind all these was innovation, dedication, hard work, teamwork, and passion.

We laid the foundation of TeraBox in May 2020, and since then, we have achieved abundant monumental milestones. We integrated with our parent company, Flextech, which is a leading name in flexible and advanced cloud storage solutions.

We are going to celebrate the 4th anniversary in April 2024, and this complete journey has been rewarding for us in many ways. About three and a half years back, we had a handful of users. We were new to the cloud storage market. But at the end of 2023, we had over 250 million users.

00 TeraBox's Awards and Milestones

To reach this level, we had to take small steps and pave different paths, and that’s what we are going to recap in this article. We will go through the achievements, milestones, awards, innovations, and other stories of success that make us feel proud. We share a quick recap of where we are and how it started.

Go Over 2023

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary in April 2023 with great zeal and enthusiasm and, most importantly, with targets to achieve.

2023 has been the most remarkable year in terms of growth, innovation, and recognition.

In August 2023:

  • We introduced a new feature called Change Audio Language. It allows users to switch to different audio tracks/languages in the video while playing it on the TeraBox app. It makes watching movies and documentaries in different languages easier for the users.
  • We received the “Red Dot Award” for “Brands and Communication Design 2023,” which was only possible through the creativity our team brought to TeraBox’s design. We are grateful to Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, for this recognition.
  • We were also honored with two more rewards, the French Design Award and the Muse Design Award. These were the recognitions for improved features, user experience, and innovation in the design.

01 TeraBox's Awards and Milestones

These achievements boosted our confidence and filled our hearts with satisfaction for the effort we put into the development and improvement of the TeraBox app. We strive to improve the user experience better than ever before and provide the best cloud storage solution at a reasonable price.

In September 2023:

  • We introduced multilingual support for the TeraBox app. It supports Arabic, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and various other languages. It helped us provide our cloud storage services to different countries and benefit more people.
  • We had a new addition to the IP elements, Terara. It is a trusted companion for users for safe cloud storage. It is a symbol of our values and commitment to safeguarding your data along with incredible user experience.
  • We achieved a big milestone of 200 million users on the app. This is something we have been striving and working for from day one. We celebrated our achievement with zeal and set a new goal of 250 million users.

02 TeraBox's Awards and Milestones

The month had some remarkable memories in terms of innovation in the app and our 100 million users milestone.

In October 2023:

  • A novel reading scene was introduced in TeraBox, which is a great feature for novel readers. It improved their reading experience and helped them save storage on their devices. They can store as many novels as they want without worrying about the storage.

In December 2023:

We set a goal of 200 million users in September. We started improving the app and reached more users. By the end of 2023, we achieved 250 million users, which was 25% more than our initial goal. What could be a better way to close the year than this achievement?

Go Over 2022

2022 was another year full of achievements, recognitions, and exciting features in the app. Our continuous endeavor helped us make the year 2022 more remarkable and memorable.

April 2022:

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in the month as well as the achievement of getting 35 million users on the platform. This achievement doubled joy as we were getting the fruits of our hard work.

July 2022:

We received the silver award for the best new mobile application in tool, utility, and productivity. We provide our app to be one of the best apps on the market in the category, and this recognition led us to further remarkable achievements in the year.

September 2022:

This month was more about the improvements in the app. We released V3.0 of TeraBox, which had a complete overhaul of the interface, making it more user-friendly and easier to use. We improved the app for a smoother in-app experience for the users.

December 2022:

We attained ISO 27018 and ISO 27701 certifications this month. Before this, we have aleady obtained ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27018 is the international standard that ensures the protection of personal information in cloud storage.

ISO 27701 is about the Privacy Information Management System. It is an international standard for privacy information management.

ISO 27001 is about Information Security Management. Obtaining this certification means having the ability to manage the security of assets such as intellectual property and financial information.

These two new certifications make users more comfortable about saving their data as it is protected from every aspect. We respect users’ privacy and protect the information in the storage with our latest technology.

By the end of December 2022, we achieved the groundbreaking milestone of 100 million users on the platform. Within 2.5 years, we achieved this incredible number through our effort and customer service.

Go Over 2021

From the start of TeraBox, we have been determined to offer the incredible cloud storage users need. Our main purpose was to provide affordable, reliable, and safe cloud storage that can cater to the needs of users.

We celebrated our first anniversary in April 2021. We put in a lot of effort and hard work in the first year, which led us to the achievement of 10 million users in September.

Go Over 2020

We released TeraBox in May 2020. It was available for download on desktops and smartphones. It was our start to offering the best, secure, and reliable cloud storage. Our first step to a trusted solution for data storage while ensuring optimal privacy and excellent user experience.

Looking Forward to 2024

In about 3.5 years, we have achieved a lot. Getting 250 million users on the platform is an incredible milestone. However, that’s not it; we have bigger and better plans and goals for 2024.

We started the year 2024 with a TeraBox brand upgrade. The new logo represents the letter “T” from TeraBox and looks like a box, which highlights the functionality of TeraBox.

04 TeraBox's Awards and Milestones

We plan to upgrade the PC version and take it to the next level in terms of features, user experience, and interoperability with the mobile device. The computer-to-mobile cooperation will ensure better management of data across different devices. We also aim to launch the TeraBox app for macOS and Linux users to benefit more users through our cloud storage solutions.

We will continue to make the experience of users better than ever before. We will strive to improve the user interface, features, pricing, security, and other things related to the product. Our goal is to make TeraBox the best and most secure cloud storage with exciting features for the users while adhering to privacy and data protection.

We are working on some great features, product launches, and tons of other things. We will soon share our new milestones, awards, goals, and achievements of the year.

Final Thoughts

TeraBox, originally named Dubox, was launched in May 2020 and later acquired by the Japanese technology company Flextech, rebranding it TeraBox. Since then, we have been working for the betterment of features, security, user experience, privacy, and other things.

We have made a ton of changes, and we are proud of what we have achieved in a short span of about 3.5 years. This journey has been very exciting and rewarding for us, and we have successfully served 250 million users. We have 20 million active daily users for 231 countries and regions. We are committed to the continued success, and we strive to reach new heights.

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