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What is the Best Free Photo Organizer? (2023)

How to organize photos remains a problem if you have a few or a pile of several hundred thousand photos on multiple devices. However, you will never lose them if you organize them with a proper photo organizer. With an appropriate picture organizer, it is easier to access, create a backup, and share organized photos in the shortest possible time.

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In this article, we will explain why you need to organize photos and how to do it correctly. We will share some effective tips & tricks, a photo organizer, and the best cloud storage to organize photos without any hassle. You can organize your photos using a free photo organizer and create backups, and manage all your data with optimal reliability and security.


3 Reasons Why You Should Organize Photos

Undoubtedly, organizing photos has a lot of benefits, and you should do it without thinking about it. However, there are some reasons that make organizing photos important and sometimes essential. Let’s discuss these important reasons so that you should never forget to organize your photos.


The most important reason for organizing photos is to make them easily accessible whenever and wherever you want.

Imagine you are looking for a specific photo; let’s say a photo of your special tour. You have checked all devices and storage, and you didn’t get the photo. It happened because you didn’t organize the photos properly. Secondly, even if you find photos after checking multiple devices and storage, you will end up wasting a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to organize your photos properly so that you know where to find them.


Your photos can be accidentally or deliberately seen by unwanted people. For instance, if you hand over your unlocked device to someone for any purpose, he can access your photo gallery. Similarly, other places where you store photos can also have a privacy breach for multiple reasons.

Privacy is important to everyone. If you want to ensure the privacy of your photos, it is a must to organize them in a private place that no one can access except you. After clicking photos or receiving them, you must organize them as soon as possible.


No one has unlimited storage, so it is necessary to organize photos and use the storage space optimally. If you organize your photos properly, your gallery or storage will never fill up with unwanted photos and other garbage items.

Tips & Tricks: How to Organize Photos?

If you are a beginner, you must learn how to organize photos. You need to know a few tips and tricks to make everything easier and quicker. Here are the best tips and tricks you can adopt to organize photos.

Properly Rename Your Photos

The first thing that you need to do to organize photos is renaming. It is better to rename the photos according to the characteristics, events, dates, or anything else that you find useful. Random names are not helpful.

If your photos are named properly, you can find them easily through the search feature. For instance, if you have named all your Disney land tours with the name starting with “Disneyland and date,” you can easily find the photo by searching for it.

Organize in Separate Folders and Albums

If you do not want to create a clutter of photos in the storage, organize them in photos and albums. Create folders for different events, such as the 25th birthday, wedding, Dubai tour, etc., and store all the related photos in the folder.

Separate folders and albums allow you to see the photos without any hassle. You can recall your tour or memories by going to the specific folder without wasting time.

Delete Unnecessary Photos

Deleting unnecessary photos is also a part of photo organizing. You do not have unlimited space, so make sure you only save those photos that you want. Regularly check the photos and delete the ones that you do not need. It will save a lot of space, and you can store more photos in the storage. Before shifting new photos to storage, delete the ones that are not useful or required.

Manage All Your Photos in One Storage

It is better to manage all your photos in one storage. You might have photos on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can transfer them into one storage to manage them easily. The storage could be an external drive or a drive on your computer, but there are more reliable ways. These drives can get corrupted, and you can lose data due to viruses, physical damage, or other reasons. Therefore, you should go for cloud storage for photo management.

Regular Backup

Creating a regular backup is very important if you do not want to lose your photos. Your data should be backed up at least in one extra storage. For instance, if your data is saved on an external drive, you should also keep the backup of data on the cloud or any other external drive. Data backup is essential because it can help you recover your photos if you lose them due to any reason.

What is the Best Free Photo Organizer?

To organize photos properly, you need to pick an excellent photo organizer that has all the features you need. It makes your task easier through automation and incredible features.

If you want a photo organizer for free, you should try TeraBox. It is basically cloud storage that can also be used as a photo organizer. It could be the best choice because it has got some amazing features that allow you to organize your photos without any hassle.

Let’s see what makes it an incredible option for photo management and organization.

Free Cloud Storage

The first thing that TeraBox offers is free cloud storage. It gives you the best free photo storage of 1TB to 3TB, which is more than enough to store your photos from multiple devices. In 1TB, you can store almost 400,000 photos and organize them without any hassle.

Since it is cloud storage, it is more reliable than external SD cards and hard drives. The data here is more secure and backed up to ensure reliability. Moreover, you can access your photos from any device because the TeraBox application is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


Album View

The album view of TeraBox allows you to view images just like you see on your smartphone. The center panel shows a thumbnail preview of each photo. It allows you to organize images in multiple ways and process them with an arsenal of editing tools, making it possible to navigate without any hassle and find the desired photo. If you name the photos in proper ways, it will be much easier for you to navigate to the desired ones.

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Due to the auto-backup feature of TeraBox, you don’t need to back up your photos manually. You can enable the feature on the application, and your photos, videos, or folders will be backed up automatically. It is done in real-time, so your photos are saved directly to the cloud instantly.

Once your photos are backed up, even if your device is lost or anything else happens to it, your photos remain safe and accessible.

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Space Saver

TeraBox can save a lot of space on your device. It backs up photos automatically, so you can delete the photos from the device. For this purpose, the TeraBox application has a special tool called Space Analyzer. It keeps track of the backed-up photos from the device, and you can remove them from the device with one tap. With that being said, your device never goes out of space.

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Intelligent Classification

TeraBox is intelligent enough to recognize the photos and sort them into different categories, such as Flower, Food, Screenshot, Character, and Building Exterior. This classification is automatic, so the organization of photos becomes a lot easier. You can easily find the required photo in the relevant category.

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Personal Vault

The Personal Vault of TeraBox is like a safe where you can store your photos and add an additional layer of a password. Here, you can store your important photos to maintain privacy at the optimal level. Even if you share the login credentials with someone, the vault remains safe and protected through the password.

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Photo Sharing Becomes Easier

With TeraBox, you can share photos without any hassle. You can share large and multiple files in one go. The notable thing is that you can send photos to the recipients’ emails and give access to the desired people only. Secondly, you can also add a password to the link and set its expiration period. It is a secure, easy, and quick way to share photos with anyone you want.

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Final Thoughts

Organizing photos is a must if you want to access them easily and save them from data loss. It is pretty easy to organize pictures if you have the right tool or software. We have shared TeraBox, which is incredible cloud storage. You can organize photos in its massive free storage, create automatic backups, view albums, save space on your device, and enjoy other unique features for free. It is an excellent choice for a photo organizer. Download TeraBox free on your device and get the free storage and organizer after signing up.

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