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Why should you join TeraBox Referral Program early?

Some of our cooperated webmasters are sharing their experience joining TeraBox Referral Program. Let’s see what they says about TeraBox!

Story 1

Here is Real Priyanshu’s story, he is a webmaster who shares on Telegram. He used to share via mdisk before.

Hey, I’m Real Priyanshu, one of the webmasters who work at TeraBox!
I joined the TeraBox a few months ago when one of my friends suggested it, and the staff of TeraBox Elena contacted me. So after 2 or 3 days, I posted a single link, and I was so amazed by my earnings. As before I earned just 10$ on other platforms. But on TeraBox with a single link, I earned about 50$! The results were insane! You can earn 10× more than other platforms on TeraBox, and now telegram bot [ @Videotoolterabot ] are available and you can just send any Telegram videos and get a link which you can share and earn…

Real Priyanshu

Withdraw is very easy just using the bank. Payment is very fast. TeraBox even solves every single query of the webmaster owners of telegram channels like us. Their staff will listen to every single question and will try to solve it asap

At last, I would like to say please don’t miss this. The screenshots show my income. This is only a small part, it’s a golden opportunity. So join TeraBox, you should not miss this!

Here is Rechard’s story, he is a webmaster who shares on Facebook. He used to share via pastepeso before.

Hi! I’m Rechard, a blogger who just started using TeraBox the other day! TeraBox is a cloud storage product like Google drive, but it offers 1024GB of storage space for free, and most importantly, you can make money via TeraBox!
I’ve earned nearly $500 in just 5 days via TeraBox! I used to make money via ‘pastepeso’ (a short-link website), but after using TeraBox, I’ve earned more than 5 times as much money as pastepeso! To avoid the risk of being banned, I also use ‘pastepeso’ to shorten TeraBox links to share, if not shortened, maybe I can earn more! At least 7 or 8 times as much as before!
With a few hundred dollars in hand, I’ve already started to choose my new computer, and I suggest everyone not miss this opportunity!
Some of the pics below are screenshots of my cash reward record and my conversations with the TeraBox person in charge.


This post was originally posted on Facebook.


Story 3

Here is an Indonesian blogger’s story, he is a webmaster who shares files on Telegram. He used to share via MEGA and paid4link before.

Hi! I’m an Indonesian blogger who only recently started using TeraBox! TeraBox, like MEGA, is a cloud storage app. TeraBox is very good at giving up to 1TB more storage just by completing a few easy tasks?. Best of all, you can make money with it! And you can withdraw within two days?!

I used paid4link to make money (a short link website) and it was only 1.5$ per day before. After I joined TeraBox and started posting TeraBox links directly in my posts, I got 161.8$ in just 7 days! More than 20$ in average a day! I believe in sharing more TeraBox links, there will be a higher reward?! I chose new user plan, every new registered user will bring me 0.1$. TeraBox also offers video play plan, which gets 1.20$ for 1000 views. Even if all your followers sign up for TeraBox, you can still get a steady reward from video play plan.

Indonesian blogger1 Indonesian blogger2

After using TeraBox, I made 5 times more money than paid4link! Now I use TeraBox and paid4link at the same time to share content. I can earn double money, why not do it? Maybe I could earn more if I only used TeraBox?!
I own 7,000 subscribers on Telegram, and I have earned over 100$ already. If I keep working hard, I believe I will get 1000$! Let’s all join in?!

This post was originally posted on Facebook.

After reading their stories, I think you should not miss this opportunity again! Come and join TeraBox Referral Program!

290 webmaster cash eg

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