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Understanding Why Your Data Is Safe with TeraBox?

Data security is crucial when selecting a cloud storage provider for personal or work use. You want to be sure that your information is well safeguarded, whether you store photos, videos, documents or other important files.

Secure Your Data with TeraBox

TeraBox, as a leading service offering 1TB of free cloud storage, puts data safety as its first priority. We provide a robust encryption wall to protect your files against unauthorized access.

Technical Measures of TeraBox for Data Security

To ensure the highest level of data security, TeraBox employs a range of advanced technical measures. These measures are designed to safeguard users’ information from data breaches, and other potential risks. Let’s delve into some of the key techniques utilized by TeraBox:

1. Transport Layer Encryption (TLS/SSL)

TeraBox encrypts all data sent and received between user devices and TeraBox servers using TLS/SSL. Data transferred during file uploads, downloads, and other activities is crucially encrypted using this protocol to prevent unauthorized access. This ensures that all data sent and received, including sensitive information, is securely encrypted and cannot be read by other parties.


Our first priority at TeraBox is ensuring the security of your data via the use of TLS/SSL. It makes sure that no one can read the encrypted data. This further safeguards your files and sensitive information from any possible attacks and keeps them private while you use TeraBox.

2. Server-Side Encryption

In TeraBox, there is a feature called “Safe,” which acts as a locked vault for storing private data. This secure storage ensures that your valuable information remains protected within a designated space. When you upload files into the Safe, TeraBox takes an extra layer of security measures by encrypting your files. This means that even if someone breaches your TeraBox account, they would still be unable to gain access to the contents of your Safe due to the encryption safeguards in place.

But be careful: the personal vault password cannot be restored. If you select to rebuild the safe, the files presently in it will be destroyed; therefore, please use this feature with caution.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

In addition to robust encryption measures, TeraBox goes the extra mile to fortify the security of user accounts by implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This advanced security feature complements the standard password by introducing an extra layer of identity verification.

Two-Factor Authentication

When users log in, they need to input their essential password or receive a unique verification code sent to their mobile device. And there’s more: users have the option to set up a screen lock password, enhancing the security of their accounts further. This screen lock password activates after just one minute of inactivity, proactively securing the account if the user steps away or forgets to log out. With Two-Factor Authentication, TeraBox takes the lead in ensuring your data’s safety.

4. Share Files with an Access Code

Rest assured, your shared files are securely protected. A private link can be generated to share your data, ensuring that only users with the access code can access the transferred files.

Secure File Transfer - TeraBox

In addition, TeraBox offers the option to customize your sharing preferences. You can make the share link permanent, ensuring long-lasting access, or you can choose a specific time period for accessibility. This feature gives you the ability to manage the lifespan of shared links, guaranteeing the security and limited access of your data to only the intended recipients.

Compliance with Security Standards

Beyond all that, TeraBox is highly dedicated to maintaining industry-recognized security standards and following best practices to protect your valuable data. At the same time, we’ve shown our commitment to providing a safe environment for your data by earning honorable global security certifications.

TeraBox - ISO

We currently hold three global security certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and ISO 27018. These certifications prove our firm commitment to establishing security measures that will keep your sensitive data safe.

Jurisdiction and Privacy Policies

Data security and user privacy are highly valued in Japan. The seamless operation of TeraBox by Flextech Inc. in Japan over three years proves our commitment and ability to ensure robust data security. Currently, our service has been tested by the market and users. As of December 2023, TeraBox serves 250 million registered users, with over 20 million active daily users across 231 countries and regions.

Skilled Security Team

To protect TeraBox from any threats and vulnerabilities, we have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology and implemented tight security measures. When you choose TeraBox, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.

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Final Thoughts

As a leading player in cloud storage, we fully understand the crucial importance of user data protection. TeraBox is more than simply a cloud storage tool; it’s a secure place where your data is protected, secured, and encrypted at every front.

Meanwhile, TeraBox reveals a fresh logo in 2024, symbolizing our dedication to continual improvement in user experience and service quality. Certainly, we do not end here. In addition, we will include more AI technologies to provide a stronger security system, protecting user data from any dangers.

Join TeraBox for a worry-free cloud storage experience! Sign up and enjoy seamless and secure 1 TB free cloud storage. Also, our competitively priced premium plans provide an expansive 2TB along with exclusive member benefits, ensuring your diverse storage needs are met. Give your data the best protection. Download TeraBox APK now!


  1. How long will terabox delete inactive users? Should we login every once in a while to prevent account deletion?

    1. Rest assured, Terabox won’t delete inactive accounts unless you decide to deactivate yours. Your account is safe from deletion. However, it’s a good idea to log in occasionally. We often roll out exciting discount events in the app. So, logging in might bring some pleasant surprises!

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