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How to Transfer Files from PC to Mac in 6 Easy Ways?

Buying a new MacBook is quite intermediating. However, the most substantial concern you might have is how to transfer files from PC to Mac. Mac is known for its high-powered graphics and appealing visuals, less vulnerable to viruses as compared to PCs. The major drawback when it comes to  Apple’s gadgets is that they provide limited options when it comes to file sharing.

To help you out with this significant issue, we emerge with the brilliant, most efficient, and inexpensive solutions. Cloud storage for photos is what you need for a hassle-free transmission. One of the significant reasons for its popularity is that it allows you to store your files free and helps you access them anywhere with any smart device.

01 file transfer 1

This article will aid in exploring the beginner-friendly and effective methods for file transmission between PC and Mac, including the best file transfer tool TeraBox.


6 Ways to Transfer Files from PC to Mac

File transfer from PC to MAC can be a hassle. However, the following methods will assist you in getting your job done within minutes.


02 TeraBox best file transfer

TeraBox lets you transmit files from Mac to PC without any hindrance. Its whopping 1TB cloud storage can store 18,750,000 documents. Moreover, this cloud computing platform has the capacity to share 20GB of huge data files in a single operation to achieve your goal of file transfer free.


  • Automatic Backup option
  • Remote upload facility
  • Enhanced data encryption security
  • 20GB file transmission advantage


  • Automatic video backup is not available for free users


How to Transfer Files from Pc to Mac Using TeraBox?

03 TeraBox transfer

Here is a step by step guide to transferring files from PC to Mac using TeraBox

  1. Visit TeraBox’s official website
  2. Login to TeraBox if you already have an account
  3. Click on the upload button to upload files
  4. Now, sign in to TeraBox through a Mac device
  5. Select those files you want to transfer to Mac
  6. Press the download button

Congratulations! Files have been transferred successfully.

04 TeraBox multiple features scaled

Some Incredible Features of TeraBox Are:

  • Files will automatically backup once the option is enabled.
  • Free storage can store 400,000 photos, 2,500 videos, and 6.5 million documents.
  • The file can be recovered within 10 days (free version), and the limit will increase to 30 days in the premium subscription.
  • Space analyzer that informs how much storage is left or utilized.


Windows Migration Assistant

05 Windows Migration Assistant

What if your residence is in distant villages or Asian states where the internet speed and services are very pathetic? You might need an offline solution to the respective problem. Apple has launched windows migration assistant to make it compatible with macOS Big Sur. This software is also used to transfer data and information from windows to a mac.


  • It transmits bookmarks, contacts, calendar information, and preferences too.
  • Preinstalled on Mac devices.
  • Easy to operate.


  • This software may bring a lot of unnecessary junk.


Direct Connection Method

06 Direct Connection Method

A cross cable is needed to accomplish file transmission through a direct connection. Extra cost for cable sounds expensive to some users.

If you have a distorted internet connection or limited data availability, a direct connection method can aid you. One computer is linked to another via cable instead of the network to transfer documents between devices and necessary information in this situation.


  • Faster than network
  • Lack of interference
  • Strong security


  • Installation and replacement expenses


External Hard drives

07 External Hard drives

Nobody likes to utilize the traditional file-sharing technique. As it is time-consuming and non-cost-effective. Plus, hard drives may infuse your computer with viruses or junk.

In case of a slow internet connection, you can use an external hard drive for file transfer from one device to another as an alternative to cloud storage.

Insert a portable hard drive into the old PC and copy all the necessary information into it. Connect it with mac and paste it to the drive or location where you want it to reside.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy data sharing
  • No file size limit during transmission


  • FAT32 is the only file format supported by both Mac and Windows.


Transmission Through CDs and DVDs

08 Transmission Through CDs and DVDs 1

Computer enthusiasts have been using CDs and DVDs for years. It’s one of the most effective file transferring techniques between Mac and Pc. To ensure better performance, utilize that storage hardware that is compatible with the software. For example, Windows XP can operate with CDs but not DVDs.


  • Ready to use the transmission medium
  • Work with both operating systems
  • Easy to use


  • A storage medium must be blank


Sharing Files Via Email

09 Sharing Files Via Email

If none of these above-listed methods seem beneficial and you just aim to send a few files from PC to Mac, use email services. It doesn’t require any external device or third-party interference. Sign in to the mail services provider that provides email services. Upload the documents you want to send and transfer them to yourself or someone else to download them later.


  • Quick service
  • Ready to optimize medium
  • Highly secure


  • An attachment shouldn’t exceed 25MB


Wrapping Up

TeraBox allows you to transfer files from PC to Mac regardless of their size from via virtual storage. For mac users, this file management software is best for data transmission.

Download TeraBox on your device to enjoy its exclusive services and explore its premium tools with 7-days hassle-free trial.

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