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Is Lifetime Cloud Storage Safe?

Lifetime cloud storage will save you the hustle of paying monthly subscription fees for cloud storage. Continue reading to find out if it is safe and which platforms to choose.

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When choosing which cloud storage platforms to use for your backup or data sharing needs, pricing is one of the crucial factors you need to consider. If you trust a particular cloud provider, you will usually get huge discounts if you subscribe for more extended periods or their lifetime plans if they have one. But is lifetime cloud storage safe?

The short answer to the above question is yes. However, you need to pay attention to the platforms you choose. Not every platform that offers lifetime plans is safe. In the next section, we will share some of the safest cloud storage apps like the free cloud storage TeraBox which offers lifetime plans.


What is the safest cloud storage app?

Here are the five safest platforms that we recommend if you want to subscribe to a lifetime plan.


02 TeraBox 1024GB free storage

TeraBox is a cloud storage platform that you can use to backup large files. This platform offers users 1TB of free lifetime cloud storage that they can use in whatever way they wish to. TeraBox also prioritizes the security of its users’ files thanks to features such as Private Space Safe that users can utilize to password-lock their files. If you want more than 1TB, TeraBox also has the 2TB option that you can subscribe to.

TeraBox Pricing

Storage size 1TB 2TB
Price Free $3.9/month



03 Ice Drive

This is one of the best cloud storage platforms that offer real lifetime plans; you will pay once, and you won’t have to pay again. It is also a very secure platform that you can rely on to safely store your files for many years. All data is encrypted, so no one, including IceDrive, will view your raw files without your permission.

It comes with 10GB of free lifetime cloud storage that you can get started with if you have few files. If you need more storage space, consider any of the packages below.

IceDrive Pricing

Storage size 10GB 150GB 1TB 5TB
Price Free $99 (lifetime) $299(lifetime) $599(lifetime)



04 koofr

Koofr is another option you should consider if you need to store large files and you hate paying the annoying monthly fees. It has an easy-to-use interface and a variety of pricing plans that you can choose from to get started. This platform is GDPR compliant, which should give you the assurance that all the data you store with them is safe and won’t be tampered with.

You can get started with their 10GB lifetime cloud storage plan if you don’t intend to back up many files. For those who need more than 10GB, Koofr has three more lifetime plans that you can choose from.

Koofr Pricing

Storage size 10GB 100GB 250GB 1TB
Price Free $29.99 (lifetime) $59.99(lifetime) $169.99(lifetime)



05 pCloud

pCloud is an excellent alternative for those who need lifetime cloud storage with multiple user support. This platform has a plan that allows up to 5 users, making it ideal for teams and small businesses. If you don’t have lots of files, pCloud has a 10GB free lifetime cloud storage that you can get started with. For those who need more space, check out the plans below;

pCloud Pricing

Storage size 10GB 500GB 2TB
Price Free $175 (lifetime) $350(lifetime)



06 Jumpshare 1

This is one of the options you should consider if you are looking for an incredibly secure storage platform with fairly priced annual plans. It comes with a 2GB free lifetime package that you can use to store lighter files. This platform also has three paid plans that you can choose from based on the amount of storage you need.

Jumpshare Pricing

Storage size 2GB 1TB 2TB
Price Free $99/year $150/year

The reason TeraBox is the best free cloud storage for those looking for a lifetime plan is the amount of free storage it offers. 


How can I get lifetime cloud storage free from TeraBox?

When you look through all the cloud storage apps we have just shared, TeraBox is the best alternative if you are looking for a free lifetime plan. It offers a whopping 1TB of free lifetime cloud storage that none of the other providers comes close to. It is also a cloud storage secure solution, so you are assured that all the files you back up on their servers are safe.

07 TeraBox lifetime storage

Steps to get free lifetime cloud storage

  • Go to the TeraBox website and download the TeraBox mobile or Windows app. Remember to choose one that is supported by your device’s Operating system.
  • Open the app and sign up.
  • Upload files by clicking the “+” button and choosing the files you would like to back up.

If you want to store large files and cloud app security is something you care about, TeraBox is the best alternative.


Final thoughts

All the five lifetime cloud storage options we have shared above are reliable and secure. However, TeraBox beats them all thanks to its massive 1TB free cloud storage that they offer every user that signs up. Download TeraBox app now and claim your 1TB free lifetime storage space.

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