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Best Way to Store Digital Movies in 2024

High-quality digital movies require significant storage space, around 700 MBs to 4 GBs, depending on the resolution. Therefore, people struggle to store their favorite movies on their devices like smartphones and tablets due to the shortage of space.

Secondly, many storage options do not offer a reliable solution. The stored movies can get corrupted or deleted due to a virus, device failure, or any other reason. In the case of deletion, the effort goes in vain.

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Due to these challenges, users need to know where to store digital movies. They need an affordable, reliable, and secure solution to store movies without any hassle.

TeraBox is a great option to store all your movies. It offers best large cloud storage for free and innovative solutions to address all problems that users face.

In this article, we will share different methods to store movies. We will explain how to store movies in TeraBox and other storage options. After reading this article, you will never face issues in storing movies.

5 Ways to Store Digital Movies

Want to know where to store digital movies? We have picked the best five ways to store digital movies. We will explain their benefits, features, and constraints so that you can pick the right one easily.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives are the most common storage option for movies. People usually go with them because they are simple and affordable.

You can buy HDDs at an affordable price and store a large number of movies without worrying about storage. Don’t go with the SSDs as they are a bit costly, and their main purpose is high speed processing, which is not needed in this case.

Storing movies in external hard drives is hassle-free, but it comes with a few shortcomings. Firstly, your movies can get deleted or corrupted due to hard drive failure, virus, damage, or any other issue. Moreover, you can’t access movies remotely. You have to carry the hard drive and connect it to the computer to access movies.


USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are handy, and people can carry them anywhere. They are great for storing movies for sharing or playing in cars or anywhere you want.

You can get a 256 GB USB at a reasonable price. You can go lower or higher in storage according to your needs.

If you’re looking for the cheapest solution for where to store movies, it is an excellent and easy option for a common user. However, it has a risk of data loss.

Media Servers

Media servers and home theaters are the preferred storage options for storing movies. They allow you to enjoy movies directly on the screen.

Usually, they have enough internal storage to store many movies. If you only need to store movies for streaming, you can go with this storage method.

However, it is not suitable for sharing and watching movies on other systems. Secondly, it also has a risk of deletion and corruption.

A major concern for this method is the high upfront cost. You have to buy a complete media server to store movies, which is not affordable for everyone. Thus, if you already have it, you can store movies. Otherwise, look for better options.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

For a massive number of movies, NAS could be an excellent option. It has enough space to cater to a huge collection.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

The best thing about this storage is the network. It creates a centralized storage that can be accessed through a network. So, if a company wants to store a huge collection of movies and give access to all employees, it would be the best option.

It can be expanded according to the needs, and backups can also be created to prevent data loss. However, it is not suitable for a common user. It requires a significant initial cost and regular maintenance.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the best option to store movies. Why?

Firstly, it can be accessed from anywhere. You can use one cloud storage service and access it from your smartphone, computer, tablet, or any other device. You can access it from any location in the world and enjoy your movies.

Secondly, cloud storage is a secure and reliable solution. The data you store is secured, and there is no need to worry about viruses, data loss, data corruption, etc. You can store all your collection without any worries.

Last but not least is the affordability and scalability. Cloud storage is a more affordable option for storing movies. And you can store as many videos as you want. If you need more space, you only need to upgrade to a higher plan.

You can get 1TB of storage space for less than $10, depending on the service. But if you want free 1TB storage space, the only option is TeraBox. The features, affordability, security, and other options make TeraBox the best choice to store movies.


How to Use TeraBox to Store Digital Movies?

TeraBox is reliable and secure cloud storage where you can store your movies and other data without any cost. You have up to 1024 GB of free storage where you can store movies and watch them directly on the app. You can access the movies from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

Let’s see how to store movies on TeraBox.

Step 1: Download the TeraBox app on your computer. Click Sign up and create a new account. You can also use social accounts to log in.

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Step 2: Once you are logged in, you will see the Upload button. Click it and select movies from your computer.

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Step 3: It will take a few minutes to upload the whole movie. After that, you will see the file in cloud storage.

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Step 4: Double-click on the movie to play it directly using the TeraBox video player.

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Step 5: You can choose the desired speed and video resolution. You can also change audio language and do anything you want. It works like a normal video player and offers all the features and options.

You can store all your movies here. It has enough storage, and you can organize all your data here. Moreover, it supports uploading large files up to 20GB, which means you can upload long and high-quality movies. The movies/videos, images, documents, and music can be easily filtered.

If you want to ensure extra security for your movies, you can use Personal Vault. You can add an additional password to the vault for extra security.

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Why Choose TeraBox?

TeraBox is the only available cloud storage service that offers up to 1 TB (1024 GB) of free storage space. It is more than enough to store 250 high-quality movies. You only need to sign up, and you will get the free space. You can increase your free space through referrals and challenges.

If you want more space on TeraBox, you can go with the premium plan. It offers 2 TB storage for only $3.49 per month. Thus, there is plenty of free and affordable storage on TeraBox.

TeraBox offers incredible features. You can directly watch the uploaded movies from the cloud through the built-in video players. There is no need for a separate app to view and download the movie. You can directly play it on any device and access the movie from anywhere. You can adjust the speed, video quality, volume, subtitle, language audio, and other things.

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TeraBox, owned by a Japanese company—Flextech, remains a reliable and safe cloud storage for users. The security of TeraBox is incredible. It uses advanced end-to-end encryption, which means only you can access data. It also employs leading technologies and protocols to ensure data safety. You also have a private storage space where you can store movies with additional security. It is an ideal option for storing a large number of movies for free. To learn more about TeraBox security, check out Understanding Why Your Data Is Safe with TeraBox.

Final Thoughts

Due to the large file size of movies, users can’t store them on their devices. It requires significant storage to store a complete collection of moves. We have shared some of the effective solutions to store movies, including external hard drives, NAS, media servers, and USB flash drives. However, the best way to store movies is cloud storage.

If you are looking for where to store digital movies, TeraBox is the best option. It is a reliable, secure, and free cloud storage that offers up to 1 TB of free storage. You can store hundreds of movies for free and play directly on the app. It supports large file uploads, including long and high-quality movies. So, you only need to upload them, and it takes a few minutes.

Once the movies are uploaded, they are safe in the cloud. There is no need to worry about data loss, viruses, hacking, etc. The cloud is secured through advanced technologies. It is a reliable backup, and the best part is that you can access movies from any device and anywhere. Just log in to your TeraBox account and enjoy the movie. TeraBox has made storage of digital movies easier than ever before. Download TeraBox APK and store digital movies without any hassle.

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