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What Is the Best File Hosting Service?

File hosting has been one of the most popular internet services in the last couple of years. As the internet is getting faster and storage is becoming cheaper, many companies now offer file hosting as a service.

If you want to learn more about file hosting and what is the best file hosting service for free, then this article is for you!

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Which hosting companies offer large storage?

File hosting, also known as cloud storage, refers to an internet service designed specifically for storing user files. With file hosting, users store their files on the servers of the file hosting service provider. Most people use file hosting services to back up some of their most important files to ensure they are safe even when their local storage device has issues.

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Several companies offer file hosting solutions or cloud storage services. Most of these cloud storage providers offer their users a free storage package that is usually between 2 to 20GB that they can use to back up or store small files. However, they also have premium plans for those who need to store or back up more files. Some of the popular cloud storage providers include:

  • TeraBox cloud storage: TeraBox – free permanent file hosting app offers every user 1TB of free cloud storage and a premium plan of up to 2TB for those who need more storage space.
  • MEGA cloud storage: This platform offers users 20GB of free cloud storage. They also have premium plans with up to 16TB of storage.
  • Dropbox: The pioneer of cloud storage services. They offer 2GB of free cloud storage and up to 2TB for those who are willing to subscribe to their premium plans.
  • iDrive: It offers all its users up to 5GB of free cloud storage. They also have premium plans that provide storage of up to 5TB for those of you who need more cloud storage space for hosting file.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: This is Amazon’s cloud storage service that offers users 5GB of free cloud storage. They also have premium plans that come with up to 30TB for people who have large files to back up.


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How can I host a large file for free?

Amongst the file hosting service providers we have shared, TeraBox has the best deal for free file hosting. All users that sign up on TeraBox are given 1TB of free cloud storage space. There is no other cloud storage service that comes close to TeraBox if you want to host large files for free. For anyone searching for a cloud storage service that offers the best free cloud storage deal, TeraBox is the best option for web host file sharing.



On top of the massive 1TB of free file host storage package, TeraBox comes with several other great features. Some of the handy features that they offer include.

  • Offline download: This feature gives users the option to download any of the files on their TeraBox cloud storage so that they access it offline whenever they are not connected to the internet.
  • Video play: Unlike some file hosting service providers, TeraBox comes with a built-in video player for playing videos stored on your cloud storage without having to download them to your device.
  • Automatic backups for media files: This feature enables automatic backup of photos and videos for all users who have the TeraBox app installed on their iOS or Android device. TeraBox’s free internet file hosting services make the process of backing up your most important memories.
  • Automatic photo classification: With this feature, all your photos on your TeraBox cloud storage will automatically be grouped into different albums based on their similarities. This makes it a lot easier for users to find the photos they need.
  • Privacy Space Safe: If you intend to store your most private files on the cloud, this feature is for you. Private Space Safe allows users to store some of their backed-up files in password-locked folders. Accessing these files will require a password.
  • Mobile and desktop apps: TeraBox – the best online file hosting service has iOS, Android, and Windows apps that you can use to easily access your files without going through the tedious process of using the browser.


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Final thoughts

As we have seen above, almost all the file hosting service providers have a free cloud storage package. However, TeraBox offers the best free file hosting service deal compared to the rest of the providers. 1TB of free cloud storage is enough for almost everyone. Just to give you more context,  you can back up nearly 400,000 photos or 51,200 1-minute videos if you have 1TB of cloud storage.

Anyone can download and use TeraBox on their computer or mobile device. To get started, download TeraBox to use the 1TB free cloud storage.


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