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Why My Family Uses TeraBox?

Along with the development of technology, all of us tend to use mobile devices to get work done in day to day life. In fact, we can’t even think of spending our day without smartphones. Along with the popularity of smartphones, we can’t simply ignore the importance of cloud storage as well.

We use our smartphones for storing data. This data mainly consists of photos and videos. For example, we record our day to day moments as videos and save them in the phone as memories. However, you will not be able to do it all the time because you will run out of memory. On the other hand, keeping data on the phone is not recommended as well.

I’m Sam, and I currently study at a college pursuing my undergraduate degree. I buy a new phone every year, and I know the struggles that I have to go through in order to transfer data from my old device to the new device. To overcome all these struggles, cloud storage solutions are offering much-needed assistance to me. Among the cloud storage solutions, I specifically stick to TeraBox. Even all of my family members are using it along with me as of now.

Why did our family decide to go ahead with TeraBox?

TeraBox is not the only cloud storage solution available out there. At the time of selecting a cloud storage, we were provided with multiple options. We carefully went through all those options and figured out that TeraBox was the most impressive. In fact, we even evaluated options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. None of them were appealing to us as TeraBox.

The most impressive thing we noticed about TeraBox is its affordability. Not all cheap products offer the best experience. However, TeraBox has a completely different story. It offers generous 1TB storage space . When compared to the big players, we noticed that we will be able to end up with saving a considerable amount of money at the end of the year. TeraBox was offering all the great features that other cloud storage providers were offering as well. Hence, we didn’t have to think twice before moving ahead with TeraBox.

I initially signed up for the 7-day free trial of TeraBox. Then I experienced its awesomeness. After that, I recommended TeraBox to my family members as well. It costs around $2.9 for a month to experience the benefits that come along with 2 TB space.

Why we fell in love with TeraBox?

The features offered along with TeraBox made us fall in love with it. We never assumed that a cloud storage solution can deliver such an impressive experience to us. We were wrong and it didn’t take a long time for us to discover the full potential of TeraBox.

The ability of TeraBox to protect our privacy is among the most loved features. All my family members use TeraBox to store personal and private information. We never want to get our data in wrong hands. Along with the security measures implemented by TeraBox, we are confident that it will not happen. In fact, the security features coming along with TeraBox subscription is quite impressive, and we don’t have to take a look at any other option.

Whenever I log into TeraBox, I am asked to go through the 2-step verification process(Account login password and Safe space password). This may look like a burden at times, but I know that the feature is available to ensure the protection of data at the end of the day. Even if someone gets hold of my password, or if my password gets lost in a data breach, I don’t have to worry about losing access to my data. That’s because 2-step verification in TeraBox will protect my data, and I don’t have to worry about anything.

I don’t have to worry about running out of storage space as TeraBox provides more than enough storage. I already have 1024GB of storage at the fraction of the price where I can get similar storage space in another cloud storage. There is no need to think twice before uploading all our documents and files to the cloud.

One of the biggest challenges that people get when they use a cloud storage to store files is losing track of them. TeraBox provides an impressive search engine to help you stay out of trouble. You can simply use this search engine to look for any file that you have stored in the cloud. Hence, finding that specific file you want can be done within a matter of few seconds. You can even use the search engine to find content you have in the documents.

TeraBox offers large file transferring capabilities as well. Last week I wanted to transfer a 20GB file, and I could do it effortlessly.

Download TeraBox now!

TeraBox is not just a traditional cloud storage provider. It is one of the most outstanding cloud storage providers available out there as of now. I am impressed with the way how it is providing me the opportunity to store my memories for the rest of my life. Even all my family members are impressed with the way how TeraBox works. Once you get this app, you will never come across the need to remove it. You can directly upload all your memories to the cloud with the help of TeraBox. On top of that, you will also be able to log into the app when you get a new phone. By doing this, you will never lose access to the precious moments collected in life.

If you are keen to get hold of TeraBox, you may go ahead and download TeraBox to your phone. A dedicated mobile app of the cloud storage will be available to you. You can either download it from the Google Play or the App Store, based on the operating system you have.




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