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5 Best Cheap Cloud Storage Solutions in 2022

Nowadays, safe and cheap cloud service is a necessity for everyone. One of the most common issues that everyone is bound to encounter is the “memory space full” message. Since you are using your device all day long, it is full of files that you don’t want to lose. Therefore, it is very frustrating when your device’s memory gets full and you have to delete some of them.

Luckily, various file management platforms provide you with cloud memory, where you can upload the files that you don’t want to lose. However, most providers offer you a limited storage space that is often not enough for every file. Instead, if you want 1 TB of storage, you have to pay a significant amount of money.

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In this article, you are going to discover the cheap cloud service tools that will make your life easier than ever before.

Which is the cheapest cloud provider?

When it comes to cloud service space, you can find many tools online. However, not all of them provide you with the cheap cloud service you need. For this reason, the search can become quite daunting. Here is a list of the best tools that you can use to upload your files and free the memory space of your device.

Cloud Storage Free Plan Premium Plan
TeraBox 1024 GB 2 TB for $3.90/month or

2 TB for $2.99/month with automatic renewal

DropBox 2 GB 2 TB for $9.99/month
Google Drive 15 GB 100 GB for $1.99/month
iDrive 10 GB 5 TB for $79.50/year for personal use
NordLocker 3 GB 2 TB for 7.99/month

#1 TeraBox

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Pros ·            Supports all file formats

·            Remote upload feature

·            Offers an encrypted safe space

·            Automatic photo upload feature

·            Free 1 TB of cloud storage

One of your best options in the market is undoubtedly TeraBox-free cloud storage. This amazing tool brings you everything you need to secure your files in the cloud while providing the largest free storage space. TeraBox provides 1 TB of free cloud storage to every user that signs up. And if you happen to need more, you can easily get TeraBox premium for just $2.99 per month.



02 03 dropbox e1652690559280

Pros ·            Supports all sorts of files

·            Automatic photo upload feature

·            Helpful customer support

Cons ·            Very limited free space

·            Not affordable premium plans

Dropbox is one of the most well-established file management tools in the market since it has been around for a long time. This means that the developers know what users need from an app like this and they make sure to implement it. However, Dropbox offers only 2 GB for free, which is the lowest on this list. If you happen to need more, you must upgrade to a paid plan, which can get rather expensive.


#3 Google Drive

02 04 Googledrive e1652690587160

Pros ·            Comes with various applications

·            You can upload any type of file

·            Some apps have implemented AI

Cons ·            Limited free space

·            Storage upgrades are expensive

Google Drive is a tool that most Android users are familiar with as it is already downloaded on their mobile devices. It is a part of a suite that includes many applications, like Google Photos and Google Forms. Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free storage space, which is used by all of the apps in the suite. This means that you might run out of space, thus needing to upgrade to one of the pricey premium plans.


#4 iDrive

02 05 iDrive e1652690612208

Pros ·            Every account gets unlimited devices

·            Bulk upload feature

·            Outstanding customer support

Cons ·            Very limited free space

·            Not affordable business plans

·            Not great for file sharing

Another cheap cloud storage tool that you can use is iDrive. This app offers you 10 GB for free, which is enough to store your most important files. Moreover, the app comes with a variety of features that make it a great option for teams. However, business plans and even individual upgrades are rather expensive.


#5 NordLocker

02 06 nordlocker e1652690639812

Pros ·            Enhanced security

·            Intuitive interface

·            Easy file sharing

Cons ·            Only available for Windows and Mac

·            Very limited free space

NordLocker is a file management tool that is perfect for users that worry about the security of their files. The platform is very easy-to-use, as you only need to drag and drop the files you need to add. The only drawback is that you get just 3 GB of free cloud storage, which will not fit all of your data. Instead, you will have to upgrade to one of the rather expensive premium plans.


How can I get free 1 terabyte storage?

By comparing the best apps in the market, TeraBox is definitely the best online cloud storage platform. Not only does it provide 1024 GB or 1 TB of storage space for free but it is also a trustworthy app that takes cybersecurity seriously. If you choose TeraBox for your files, you can rest assured that they will remain protected at all costs.

Moreover, TeraBox brings you numerous features to make your daily life as easy as possible. The storage on the cloud is ideal for accessing your files from anywhere in the world and from any device. Furthermore, you have numerous sharing options with which you can send your files to your friends in no time. The high security and amazing features make TeraBox the perfect cheap cloud storage for you.


Final Thoughts

Finding a file management platform to save your data shouldn’t be expensive. Every app in the market offers limited cloud storage for free. From all of them, TeraBox is the one that truly leaves an impression as it offers 1 TB of cloud storage completely for free. Download TeraBox free on all your devices to make sure that you never lose a file.

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