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How to Find Free Video Storage?

There are several instances where you’d like to store large files, as some movies or other files cover a lot of memory space.

For instance, you’ve asked your friend to watch a 4K movie, and we all know 4K resolution movies cover huge storage. On the other hand, you might want to restore your mobile device and look for a storage device to store your data.

Whatever the reasons behind your decision to preserve the data are, we’ll tell you how to do it.

01 video storage

3 Ways to Handle Large Video Files for Free

If you’re looking to handle large video files, you can take the notes from the guidelines as we’re about to reveal 3 terrific methods to help you store large videos.


Cloud storage is another prestigious way to store data, and it has been getting popular over the years. It is an online service that enables you to store large files in the shape of a link. However, you’ll need to opt for a reliable cloud service to preserve your data with no fear.


Luckily, you’ve got an unbelievable free cloud file storage tool in the shape of TeraBox. TeraBox, the flagship product of a Japanese companyFlexTech, offers an unprecedented 1 TB of free storage space. Suppose you’re looking to store videos online and are looking for a befitting storage service to put things in order. TeraBox – free cloud can be the best cloud service that allows you to store videos online without paying any penny.


Internal Storage

Gone are the days when you’d struggle storing large files on your mobile’s internal storage, as now you’ve got a massive opportunity to preserve large files on your internal storage.

02 internal storage

The storage ability of mobile devices or computers has been increasing, and that, as a result, will benefit people who don’t want to lose their important data.


External devices

If you don’t get enough space on your mobile device as the files you’ve liked to store are large, you can rely on external storage devices to preserve the data. Moreover, you can use an SD card or any other external device to preserve your PC’s data.

03 external devices

Many people store the important large files separately on external storage devices to ensure no one accesses their personal information.


Ultimate Free Cloud Solution for Large Videos – TeraBox

If you’re looking to store videos online on cloud storage, the option for TeraBox can serve your purpose better than any other tool.

It is a commendable cloud video storage service that enables you to store up to 1024GB of videos without paying any penny. You can preserve any video using the TeraBox for free. And if you want to preserve more than 1024 GB of videos, an affordable premium package is always there. Here are the salient features of TeraBox for video storage.


Automatic Backup of your videos

Automatic backup is the amazing and unbelievable function of TeraBox that detects any video making an appearance on your video after you enable the internet. TeraBox automatically creates the backup of that video once you activate the feature.

06 automatic backup scaled


Video Downloader & Search

If you want to save your favorite videos online, you can use TeraBox as your video downloader. From TikTok, Instagram, Facebook to any video on Google, you are able to store the videos in TeraBox.

If you’ve saved a lot of videos and want to access the particular video, as playing the videos one by one would consume a lot of time, you can use the Search feature of TeraBox. All you need to do is enter the video’s keyword and access it.

07 video downloader and search 1 scaled


Large File transmission

Imagine coming off your favorite movie or game and wanting to download the movie or game but failing to do so courtesy of a slow internet connection.

Luckily, TeraBox allows you to download the large file size at high speed, meaning you don’t need to worry about your favorite, taking extra time to get downloaded.

08 large file transfer scaled

If you are still curious about the question that why is TeraBox better compared with other competitors, then the way TeraBox offers you the opportunity to store 1TB of videos for free and the speed at which it uploads or downloads the video makes TeraBox stand out.



There are several ways to preserve your data, as you can use internal or external storage to store your important data.

However, using an online cloud service remains the best way to store data and when you’ve got a tool like TeraBox free storage, relying on free cloud service even makes more sense.

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