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Is TeraBox cloud storage safe or not?

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In a world of rapidly changing technology, TeraBox has emerged as one of the most innovative and ahead of its time cloud service application in the industry. TeraBox is a leading provider of free cloud to its users. This innovative application also lets you share large files in just one click. TeraBox is the perfect one-stop solution to safely back up, sync, access, and share all your important content.

Undoubtedly there is a lot of competition in the market amongst cloud service providers. However, TeraBox has managed to carve out a leading position for itself. In September 2021, TeraBox declared that it had reached ten million downloads throughout the world. Within four months after that, this number easily crossed 20 million downloads. So if you are looking for a trusted, open-source, free cloud service application, TeraBox should be your number one choice. But a big question that many users ask before using TeraBox is whether TeraBox cloud storage is safe to use or not? Let’s take a look at some of the major features of TeraBox that ensures total security and privacy of your data.

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TeraBox provides Top Class Security and Privacy Protection

It is not without reason that TeraBox is one of the most downloaded cloud service applications in the world today. This is because TeraBox is supported by cutting-edge technology and security protocols that help keep your data safe and secure. This has made it the ideal solution for sharing and storing confidential and sensitive data. TeraBox also boasts of a variety of leading technologies, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols, along with a team of experts that provide the highest levels of security and privacy for users. This has made it one of the most trustworthy applications in the industry today.

Even the TeraBox official website is trusted by Trend Micro. Furthermore, to provide better safety and security to user data and information, TeraBox has also implemented many security measures to safeguard the data, including a database engine that is designed to be secure against any kind of unauthorized access and also prevents any type of alteration in the stored data.

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Highest-level encryption to ensure the secure exchange of data

To maintain its reputation as the number one free cloud service provider, TeraBox assures you that everything on the application is encrypted at the client-side. Zero knowledge of your data can leak out. All the files stored on the cloud servers are encrypted and secured after being uploaded automatically to TeraBox through various devices. Uploads and downloads are also encrypted through the HTTPS transmission encryption protocol. This ensures that no one has an opportunity to intercept your files.

Even for sharing confidential files, TeraBox lets you set a password for a sharing link, and you can even specify the sharing period, after which the password will expire.

TeraBox has established the host, virtual machine, vessel, and service access control capabilities based on access control, large-scale distributed systems, big data security, and intelligence, and cutting-edge cryptography.

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Extraction code to prevent encrypted crawling

TeraBox also uses the extraction code to prevent crawlers from encryption crawling. Robots bloc crawlers from searching the sites that contain share links of its users. By allowing users to set an expiration date on their documents that are shared, TeraBox further provides another layer of safety. And the best part is that this entire process is free of charge.

At the same time, remember that all your files are stored safely on the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere and at any time.

TeraBox’s topmost priority is to keep your data safe. TeraBox provides you with a safe place to store all your files and protects this data from theft. It also allows you to securely back up, access, share and sync all your important content. With a system that boasts of multiple layers of protection solutions, including account device protection, log-in identity protection, and identity authentication, TeraBox is always committed to protecting your privacy and security. It is dedicated to not revealing any personal information to anyone, no matter for what reason.

So head over to the TeraBox official website and quickly download this safe and innovative cloud service software.

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