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Easy Tips for an Efficient Photo Cleanup Process

People love taking photos wherever they go, travel, visit, or even at home. It creates tons of beautiful memories, but at the same time, the photos take up too much space on the device. After some time, they struggle with space shortage; there is no space left for apps, new photos, and other important data. Moreover, finding a specific photo becomes a challenging situation.

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With that said, it is a must to efficiently organize digital photos on the device. Photo cleanup is also necessary to get rid of redundant and useless photos and free up some space. But even after that, you need more storage to have sufficient space for new apps and media.

In this article, we will explain how you can organize digital photos and perform photo cleanup. We will share some tips to solve the issue. We will also share reliable cloud storage where you can store all your photos and other data and free up sufficient space on your device.

The Photo Cleanup Challenge

Here are the reasons you should do photo cleanup before it is too late.

The Photo Cleanup Challenge

1. Storage Space Limitation

Your mobile storage is limited, whether it be 128GB, 256GB, etc. You can’t store unlimited photos, and you also need space for the operating system (iOS/Android), apps, documents, and other data.

When you take too many photos, your internal storage fills up quickly. If your device camera takes high resolution, then it is more vulnerable to storage space. And the moment you realize your storage is almost full, it becomes a bit difficult to organize all the digital photos.

To solve this issue, you need reliable tools where you can store your photos without worrying about internal storage. It is better to organize everything in the first place before it is too late.

2.  Cluttered and Redundant Photos

People who take multiple photos at a time to capture the best shot have a pile of redundant images. It makes the whole gallery messy. The redundant and duplicate photos take up unnecessary space on the device and make everything unorganized.

These redundant photos accumulate over time. You realize it when the storage is about to get full. It is better to do photo cleanup often and get rid of these useless photos and data. If there are redundant photos that you don’t need, you can also transfer them to another storage.

3. Difficulty in Organizing and Managing Large Photo Collections

If your storage is full of photos, including redundant and unnecessary, it becomes extremely difficult to organize and manage the collection. You can’t find a specific photo; you have to run over the pile and look for the one you need, which takes a lot of time.

You should keep all your photos organized so that you can easily find them whenever you want and manage everything without struggling.

Let’s share a few tips to organize digital photos.

Easy Tips to Organize Digital Photos

Follow these tips to organize digital photos and save internal storage space.

Easy Tips to Organize Digital Photos

1. Organize by Date and Events

If you want to find your photos easily and manage them without any hassle, organize them by date and events.

For this, you can create separate folders. Rename the folder with the event name and date. Then, store relevant photos. Moreover, rename all these photos as well. You can rename them with numbers, dates, events, etc.

When you click photos, they are saved in the default storage with a default name. You need to make a little effort to make folders and rename photos. It will save you a lot of time in the future when you want to share, edit, or access specific photos.

2. Utilize Tags and Keywords

While renaming photos, you can create special tags and keywords so that you can recognize them easily. Even if they are stored in separate folders, you don’t have to find the folder to access them. If you know the keyword, you can search for it directly. It will save you a ton of time.

For instance, if you have clicked photos on John’s wedding, store photos with suitable keywords. Add relevant tags so that you can find them whenever you want.

3. Manage Offline Storage Hardware

If your internal storage isn’t enough to store plenty of photos, you can try to get an external storage device where you can transfer media to free up some space.

You can get a hard drive, flash drive, or SD card. Then, transfer data that you don’t use frequently. Manage all your data in the external storage and store photos in separate folders. Organize digital photos properly so that you can find required photos whenever you want.

4. Delete Duplicates and Unwanted Shots

Duplicate and unwanted shots take unnecessary storage on the device. You need to dedicate some time to identify these photos and delete them from the storage. It will create plenty of space, which can be used for apps and media. If you have backed up your photos to the cloud, you can also delete them from internal storage.

Check the gallery to find out unnecessary photos. Also, check the hidden folders of social media and messaging applications.

5. Use Cloud Storage for Photo Organization

Offline storage isn’t a perfect solution. You can’t access your data anytime and anywhere, which is why you can’t store frequently used and important photos. Thus, it helps but does not solve all your problems.

A better option is cloud storage. You can store your photos in the storage and organize them in one place. You can access your data anytime you want. Having data on the cloud is similar to having it on internal storage.

You can move all your photos to cloud storage. It saves plenty of space on the device. It is also a reliable option, and there is no need to worry about data corruption.

Now, you might be thinking about which cloud storage you should choose. TeraBox offers free cloud space up to 1024 GBs, which is a perfect solution for photo cleanup. Let’s get into further details.

How to Use TeraBox for Photo Cleanup?

TeraBox offers up to 1024GB of free storage, which is more than enough to store around 400,000 photos. You can store photos of your smartphones, cameras, and computers in one place. The best thing about it is that it synchronizes all your data. So, you can access it from any device, anywhere, and anytime. It is the best file syncing solution.

Within TeraBox, you can organize your photos, videos, and other data. It has different categories to make management hassle-free. You can create folders to organize digital photos and free up your storage space. Not only that, TeraBox offers a Private Vault where you can store it with an additional layer of security.

TeraBox is safe and secure cloud storage with lower price. You can enjoy 1TB free storage space, and if you want more storage, it only costs $3.45 for 2TB, which is an affordable price. It is the best free photo organizer to store photos and save internal storage.

Steps to Use TeraBox for Photo Cleanup

Step 1: Install TeraBox from the Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Open the app and log in through your social accounts.

Step 3: Tap the “+” button on the bottom right corner. Tap Photos.

Steps to Use TeraBox for Photo Cleanup 01

Step 4: Select photos that you want to move to the cloud and tap Upload.

Step 5: You can also turn on Automatic Backup. Tap the profile icon and tap Automatic Backup.

Steps to Use TeraBox for Photo Cleanup 02

Step 6: Turn on Automatic Backup. Now, your photos will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Step 7: For space cleanup, you can use Space Analyzer. It will automatically delete the backup photos from internal storage and create more space. Tap the profile icon and tap Space Analyzer.

Step 8: Tap Clean. It will free up the space on your device in a few minutes.

Steps to Use TeraBox for Photo Cleanup 03

Final Thoughts

Photo management and organization are necessary. You should do it regularly to keep internal storage free and manage a pile of photos without any hassle.

You can efficiently manage your digital photos by adding tags or keywords, removing duplicates, or utilizing external storage. However, cloud storage would be the best option. It not only frees up your space but also synchronizes all your data in one place.

TeraBox offers up to 1024GB of free space, which is more than enough to store your photos. And if you want more space, it costs only $3.45 for 2TB. By using TeraBox, you can organize all your photos from different devices and manage all photos without any hassle. It also offers auto backup to upload your photos automatically and a one-click option to delete backed-up photos to free up storage space. It is a cost-effective and perfect solution for photo cleanup. Download TeraBox APK and organize all your photos in one place for free.

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