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Top 5 Free Unlimited Cloud Storage in 2022

Cloud storage is necessary these days because we cannot lose important data because of virus attacks, accidental deletion, computer crashes, and various other reasons. It is better to store data in the cloud because it remains safe and can be accessed when needed.

The problem with cloud service is that these are quite expensive and not a permanent solution for those who cannot afford the premium. Therefore, people look for a free and permanent cloud space.

01 free cloud storage

In this article, we will share the top 5 free unlimited cloud service providers. We will share different options for you to choose from.


5 Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Solutions


TeraBox-free cloud offers 1024 GB (1 TB) of free storage to all its users. It does not require any premium subscription or cost; you only need to create your account to get the free storage.


1 TB storage is almost unlimited cloud storage for many users. Whether you use it for personal or business purposes, it is more than enough. But if you want more space, you can upgrade to the 2 TB plan that costs only $3.9($2.9 for automatic renewal) per month.


Google Drive

People who do not know about TeraBox usually prefer Google Drive because it has 15 GB of free cloud storage. Android devices are connected to Gmail, so using Google Drive is the most user-friendly option.

03 Googledrive

With Google Drive, you can backup all your photos, videos, documents, or anything you like. If you have multiple accounts, then each will have free storage of 15 GB. The premium account with 1 TB storage space costs $9.9 per month.



OneDrive is an excellent cloud storage space for Microsoft Office users, Adobe Creative Cloud users, and many other applications because it helps in keeping the data safe through auto backup and offers team collaboration.

04 OneDrive 1

It offers only 5GB of free cloud storage space. You can use the space as you like, but it is not enough. You can upgrade to the premium plan of 1 TB for $5 per month.



517 icloud

iCloud is the most suitable option for Apple users. Whether you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or any other device, iCloud is preferable and easy to use. Users usually create a backup of their photos and videos on iCloud. It offers only 5GB of free cloud storage space. The storage is not enough, so either you can choose TeraBox or purchase the premium plan at $9.9 per month.



DropBox offers the lowest free cloud storage space of 2 TB. It is only suitable to check the cloud service. Businesses prefer DropBox because of its extraordinary features, such as content collaboration, productivity tools, security, and sharing.

05 dropbox 1

The storage can be upgraded to 2 TB for only $9.99.


Largest Free Cloud Storage Provider – TeraBox

TeraBox offers unlimited cloud storage of 1024 GBs for free. As you sign up for the account, you get the storage without any cost. It is the largest free cloud storage that you can use for personal as well as business purposes. It can store almost anything and automatically create a backup of your photos and videos. You also get 200 MB of private space to store private data.

The features of TeraBox are extraordinary. It can transfer a large file up to 20 GB at a very high speed. It works on Android, iOS, Windows PC, and almost all internet browsers, so files can be transferred between these devices without any hassle. It can also help in creating an auto backup of images and videos on the device.

06 Terabox official website

Steps to Create a TeraBox Free Account:

Step 1: You can use TeraBox on any internet browser, but it is better to have the application. You can download the application on Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Step 2: Open the application. Click on the Create an Account option. You can create your account with the help of an email, phone number, Google, Facebook, or Apple account. Create the account and get everything ready.

Step 3: Once you create the account, you will be logged into your account. You are ready to enjoy the features.


Final Thoughts

We have seen various cloud services, but most of them offer very limited free storage, and the premium plans are a bit expensive. But TeraBox is the biggest free cloud storage. It offers 1024 GB (1 TB) for free, and it is free and permanent storage that users can use for any purpose, such as personal or business. The space is almost unlimited, and you can’t find this much free storage from other service providers. Download TeraBox free and sign up to get 1024 GB of free space for free.

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