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What is the Best Choice for Free Cloud Storage?

The answer should be TeraBox

Terabox is an innovative cloud storage application built to organize and protects all important files on your laptop. With the help of AI technology helps the users back up and navigate photos, files, and important documents quickly. On the other side, it brings the future of data backup and cloud storage solutions for worldwide users.

It is a fast-growing open-source software solution for data storage and backup that provides 1024GB of personal cloud storage. Designed especially for end-user ease that allows the user’s data to be encrypted and accessible. Terabox delivers maximum value to the business world by improving productivity and reducing the cost of data loss.

This cloud storage app solution has reached 10 million global downloads due to high storage space. Many Terabox competitors offer free storage space, but only a very small amount of storage space. While TeraBox provides 1TB free space without a paid subscription. This 1TB is equal to the storage space of approximately 300,000 photos or 64 mobile phones with 16GB storage space.

TeraBox for Windows was launched on 16 September 2021 and supports five languages, including English, Russian, Thai, Japanese, and Korean — making significant file uploading even easier.

TeraBox made my life easy as I struggled to transfer the data from my old phone to the new device. Among cloud storage app, TeraBox offers much-needed assistance and overcoming all my struggles.  We were never assumed that any cloud storage app would offer such an impressive experience to us.

Secondly, TeraBox’s ability to protect our privacy is the most remarkable feature for us as all family members can use this to store private and personal data. Security measures implemented by TeraBox, security features with its premium is quite impressive, and you do not need any other option.

Whenever I sign into Safe space of TeraBox  I go through password verification to ensure data protection at the end of the day. Along TeraBox, you do not worry about losing access to my data if you get the lost password in a data breach. That’s why this app is built with 2 step verification process to protect all data.

Importance of TeraBox

TeraBox is not just a traditional document storage app; in fact, it is one of the most outstanding cloud storage providers available now. One of the biggest challenges with using cloud storage applications to store files is losing track of documents.  But TeraBox features an impressive search engine to get out of this trouble. You can find any specific file with this search engine in a few seconds. To see any content in the documents TeraBox is highly useful.  By download TeraBox cloud storage app, you will never lose access to precious moments in life.

Popularity of Terabox

TeraBox is used in over 207 countries and regions with over 10,000,000 downloads. TeraBox is the most popular app in the middle of 2021.

Why is TeraBox so popular? Because Terabox is entirely free with no subscription fees. Such as everyone can enjoy 1TB storage for life. With fast speed and supreme quality security, it also helps users manage and share files with simplicity.

Another feature of Terabox is an easily accessible and cross-platform-supported app. Files stored in Terabox can seamlessly be synchronized across laptops, mobile, and PCs, and you can access the videos and photos without downloading.

No technical expertise is needed to upload the files with TeraBox. It enables you to share good stuff with family and friends by sharing links to files and accessing the data when necessary.

Popular functions of TeraBox

Privacy protection

To ensure data security Terabox featured multiple security systems. Secondary verification is required to ensure a secure user account when you log in Terabox. You can encrypt your data with a secret password.

Automatic photo backup

Terabox supports immediately backed up on mobile devices and free your device storage from junk files.

Remote Upload

TeraBox allows the users to download multiple links simultaneously, such as HTTPS, HTTP, and magnet links. If your mobile memory is full and nothing left to download games, then use TeraBox to download movies, games, and app from the internet. To download a link go to the homepage and select remote upload to create a download link.

Online video and photo streaming

With the help of Terabox you can view the videos and photos at high speed on desktops and mobile. Users can watch whenever and wherever at home, work, or a friend’s gathering.

File Access

It is the best cloud storage app to access safely any file between laptop and phone. Especially it is best for office setup to store, archive, and transfer large files from one computer to another. It also permits you to download several files from your transfer list at a time.

Large file transmission

TeraBox is the best choice to upload large files because it supports large file transmission. Select “+” on the homepage and upload the desired file. Besides, it also supports offline upload. A formal user can upload up to 4GB of files. In contrast, a premium user can upload up to 20 GB.

Final Words

It is available and easy to access on all platforms such as iOS, Android. To download and install TeraBox, visit the app store or log into the website and complete the registration and download this cloud storage for entertainment. To download from the Google App store or Apple App store.

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