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How TeraBox works?

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Find no storage to save your newly taken selfies, laboriously collected movies, or freshly released video games? No worry! TeraBox comes to fix all the problems for you!

Amid a great number of cloud service choices, TeraBox managed to bring roughly seventy times larger free memory space than other competing providers. No more hesitating, just follow TeraBox’s lead and enjoy ground-breaking 1024 GB of free capacity with mind-blowing functions and features!

1 TB free space: TeraBox knows what you need

In the age of virtual learning and online working, searching for large-capacity solutions has become the new gold rush leading the trend. Yet the smart devices with bulk storage cost dearly and the less expensive hard drive lacks convenience.

On this occasion, TeraBox comes to your aid and gives you 1024 GB permanent storage one hundred percent free. Open the app store on your tablet and phone, or enter the official site and make a massive 1 TB space your own!

418cloud storage space

Mind-blowing features: TeraBox brings you the best

TeraBox brings not only the most cost-efficient cloud services but also amazing functions in each and every way.

  • Automatic backup

What is your biggest fear when changing or switching your smart devices? The most frequent answer must be backing up the pictures in the former ones.

From memories that we cherish dearly to moments that mark great significance, TeraBox saves your time and trouble backing them up yourself and protects these wonderful images from unwanted incidents.

As long as the “automatic photo backup” button on the “Files” page is turned on, nothing will be left for further worries. In terms of automatic video storage, you can choose to activate it by upgrading to the Premium pay-for version.

0418 automatic backup

  • Large-file transmission

Imagine that your favorite movie publishes a valuable collector version, or your interested game is released recently, the first thing you want to do must be downloading them as fast as possible. However, most downloaders fail to achieve your aim at a high speed.

Lucky for you,TeraBox can download files of unlimited size and solve most of your transfer problems. In terms of greater load capacity and transfer rate,TeraBox Premium can transfer large files in a super-fast way (4.7M/S).

0414 transfer list

  • Remote upload

As electronic devices with a large memory space often charge astronomically, many seek massive hard drives in alteration. But people soon realize that it costs great labor carrying it around and organizing the documents within.

Then TeraBox is the perfect choice you can log in from multiple ends and upload everything at any location at any time. No matter what kind of link it is, one abiding by HTTPS rules or magnetic regulations, you are free to fill in the box with it.

As far as a BT task is concerned, it is free for your option to create a new one or slide it into the site.

0418remote upload

  • All-round security

What is the bottom line for a trustworthy cloud solution to keep in mind? Data security and users’ privacy, of course!

Most cloud storage solutions would promise to take good care of your files and data but end in disclosing your personal information to others or sending unwanted emails to you without rest.

Here at TeraBox, your privacy and data are our top-1 object of protection. From secure cloud storage with best-class anti-crawling protection and private share link with a special extraction code to a designated cloud safe for your confidential and sensitive personal files, a comprehensive security system is built by TeraBox to best safeguard your storage.

0418 safe space

Final ideas

Competitive in price, and generous with remarkable services, TeraBox best handles everything related to safe cloud space, efficient document management, ingenious file sharing, and high-speed data transmission. Go register and become a new TeraBoxer!

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  1. Hello!

    Recently, when I’m trying to open, it shows an empty page. I have an account there, but I can’t see it anymore, let alone use it. The site is not opening. Why?

    Can you please fix it.

    1. Thank you for choosing TeraBox!
      Please feel free to send an email to Please provide a detailed description of your issue and attach any relevant image files. Our VIP support team will be dedicated to serving you and efficiently solving your problems. Thank you for your continued support!

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