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How to Cloud Transfer More than 2GB for Free?

Many users are eager to save huge volumes of data (including family photographs, movies, work papers, spreadsheets, and so on) on the cloud due to the popularity of cloud  services. Many people have several cloud service or separate accounts of the same cloud brand to avoid placing all their eggs in one basket or due to the restricted free storage capacity or varied services each cloud service gives.

01 file transfer

In this scenario, users may occasionally need to transfer data from one cloud service space to another, such as from Google Drive to TeraBox – free cloud.


Why Is Cloud Transfer Service So Important?

To accomplish the transfer operation, the user must first download the target files from the source cloud to their local computer and then upload them to the target cloud storage. In other words, the local storage device must be used as a transit device.

What if, while migrating from one cloud to another, a user has to transfer many files and their local storage capacity is insufficient? You’ll need the assistance of a cloud storage transfer provider. Cloud storage transfer solutions may let users not only move massive amounts of data across several cloud drives at once but also:

  • Assist businesses with data migration from one cloud storage platform to another.
  • Support the scheduled execution of regular broadcasts;
  • Allow users to move data across several cloud drives without having to switch accounts regularly;
  • Support various task management and the ability to run jobs as needed in the future;
  • Many different cloud storage providers are supported.

02 cloud transfer


What Are the Options to Cloud Transfer 20GB File?

Here are the four top cloud storage service companies on the market, without further ado.


Icedrive is a new addition to our list, and it’s a provider you might not be familiar with. Given that it has just been operational since 2019, this is hardly surprising. It’s made waves, though, because of its low prices and unique features that set it apart from some of its more established competitors.

03 icedrive


  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Sero-knowledge encryption
  • Check out encrypted files


  • Zero-knowledge does not come without a price.
  • Limited plans



Suppose you’re concerned about privacy with other free cloud storage companies, such as Google (our seventh recommendation). You may choose MEGA, which is on the opposite end of the privacy spectrum. Despite having run-ins with the authorities, MEGA’s flamboyant founder Kim Dotcom is no longer with the firm. Because MEGA prioritizes security, zero-knowledge encryption is the gold standard, ensuring that only you have access to your information.

04 mega


  • Encryption using zero-knowledge
  • There are no servers in the United States.
  • Excellent free storage


  • Limited-time prizes
  • Concerns about ownership



In cloud computing, there are notable names, and then there’s Microsoft. Microsoft has sought to dominate every industry in computers, so it’s no surprise that it has an online storage solution with its OneDrive service, which integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft services like Office. It’s even built right into Windows.

05 onedrive


  • Excellent tools for teamwork
  • Well-integrated apps
  • A wide range of features
  • Free storage in plenty


  • No encryption with zero-knowledge
  • File versioning is limited.



Because you don’t have enough storage, you can’t store your recently snapped photos, painstakingly gathered movies or newly launched video games? No worries! TeraBox – file transfer arrives to solve all of your troubles!

06 upload on

Among the many cloud service options available, TeraBox delivers about seventy times more free memory space than the competition. No more debating; follow TeraBox’s example and enjoy a staggering 1024 GB of free storage space and incredible functionality and features!


  • Automatic backup
  • Large-file transmission
  • Remote upload
  • All-round security


How to Cloud Transfer Large Files for Free?

We’ve all experienced the frustration of free large file transfer over the internet via email or other services. We’ve all experienced the frustration of clicking “transfer” only to be told, “Sorry, the file size is too huge.”

However, no email service allows you to send enormous files for free, and large files continue to eat up your storage space even if they are only in your mail folder. If you have a file that you cannot transmit typically, we have the ideal option for you.

How to transfer large files? With TeraBox, you now have the most straightforward and cheapest way to transmit even the most extensive files.

07 TeraBox multiple features 1 scaled

Step 1. Download and install TeraBox on your devices (iOS, Android, Windows PC) or try out the web version and launch the application.

Step 2. Select files you want to store and tap on “Upload”(PC) or “+”(mobile).

Step 3. View or download your large files on any other devices with the same account.

08 TeraBox file upload scaled

TeraBox is the ideal solution for individuals experiencing problems uploading huge files or transferring several files at once. TeraBox is the most incredible free file transfer program with fantastic features and powerful file transfer capabilities.

TeraBox is the best cloud storage for file transfer that allows you to upload up to 4GB of files for free. You may quickly transfer an infinite file size of up to 20GB at once if you download the TeraBox app and become a Premium member, making it incredibly handy to use.



Is using the cloud storage transfer service to transfer across cloud drives as easy and time-saving as traditional download and upload methods? With TeraBox, you can manage several cloud storage accounts in one location rather than transferring to another. In 2022, TeraBox is still the most excellent free cloud to transfer files solution. So, go to the TeraBox Official Website and get it right now without further ado!

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