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How to Get Free Cloud Storage – Best 4 Solutions

These days, our demand for preserving and transferring large data files has increased the importance of storage. Physical storage devices are far from being enough to store our data securely.

However, how to get a free cloud service solution isn’t a simple question. Therefore, here we select some tools that offer you a chance to store the data on cloud free.

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How to Get Free Cloud Storage Solutions?

You can find 4 popular free storage tools below.


In this day of age where many cloud service providers have been made available, still, no one can match the brilliance of TeraBox-free cloud. It is flawless that allows you to preserve and transfer large files with no rush.

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The largest free cloud storage service offers you 1TB free cloud storage without paying any penny.

Everything you’ll find in this tool comes with a pretty attractive background, and you won’t find any issue uploading or transferring the data in TeraBox.


 Yandex Disk

If you’re looking for a reliable tool with a massive free cloud storage service, you shouldn’t ignore Yandex Disk. It is a cool cloud storage tool that allows you to get 10GB+ cloud-free storage when you tend to create an account for the website.

04 03 Yandex disk

On top of that, you can also get over 32GB when you opt to participate in the Yandex Disk’s promotional activities.

Luckily, Yandesk Disk stores your data in the original resolution, meaning you don’t need to worry about data quality.



Koofr is another substantial tool with a massive ability to store your private data. Luckily, when signing up with the Koofr account, you can store 10GB of free data.

0404 koofr

On top of that, Koofr is fairly flexible as it is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Of all the prominent features of Koofr, automatic backup is the most talked-about one.



Mimedia is another prestigious free cloud storage service that helps you preserve your data for nothing. You can use 10GB of free cloud and manage your data with minimal effort.

04 05 Mimedia

On top of that, Mimedia allows you to preserve any data, meaning you can store videos, document files, music, and images.


TeraBox – Largest Free Permanent Cloud Storage

Since TeraBox offers 1TB cloud free storage, it has come a long way, winning people’s hearts. Using the free cloud storage service of TeraBox, you can store everything you want. Whether you opt to store games or movies, it is totally up to you.

TeraBox offers some eye-catching features listed below.

04 06 TeraBox multiple features 1 scaled

Safe Space

TeraBox comes with a safe space to protect your data from getting used by unauthorized authorities. It sets a password for each and every sensitive or confidential file in it, and you’ll have to enter the password correct to access what’s in it.

Large File transmission

TeraBox allows you to upload and transfer large files as free users can upload up to 4GB of file depending upon the internet connection speed. Meanwhile, premium users have the luxury of storing 20GB of data effortlessly in one go.

Supports multiple devices

TeraBox is compatible with multiple devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows PC. You can store and sync everything you upload to the cloud from any device as you like.


How to Get a FREE TeraBox Account?

TeraBox is ahead of its time and has been a great source for storing large files at your will. It comes with 1TB of free cloud storage that allows you to store anything you’d want.

Here are the two procedures for you to get a free account:

Step 1: Download and install the TeraBox on your device, or try out the web version.

Step 2: After launching TeraBox, you’ll need to create an account for TeraBox, and several options are offered for you. You’ll be able to use 1024 GB of free cloud storage after logging in with the account.

04 07 terabox login


Final Words

If you’re getting a cloud storage service, the first thing you’ll need to check is the expiry date of the free storage, second the features it provides. After viewing this article, now you must have known which is the best free cloud storage solution.

TeraBox cloud storage is the clear winner. No other dares to offer you 1024GB of cloud free storage for a lifetime. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate any more and have a go at TeraBox now!

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