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How to Send Large Files For Free?

It is true that we are living in a world where we are blessed with blazing speed internet connections. However, we still have to go through numerous struggles at the time of transmitting and sharing large files. This is a common issue that most of us face in day to day lives. Hence, it is important to come up with an effective method to share large files without a struggle. That’s where you may take a look at TeraBox.

When can TeraBox help you to transfer large files?

Let’s take a look at  the most common situation where you will come across the need to transfer large files.

  • Sending files to someone via email

We use emails for most of our communications. Have you ever tried to send some files to someone over email? Then I’m sure you must have encountered a struggling situation. That’s because sending some files to someone via email is not something that you can easily do.

As you try to send the email, you will notice that you can attach some files. If you have more files, it will get failed. In case if you are using some email services providers, some cloud service products will only allow you to upload a file with a size of 2GB under their free plan. What if you have a file that is bigger than 2GB? Then you will not have any other method to consider than spending some money out of your pocket. That’s where TeraBox can help you. TeraBox can upload 300 files at the same time, you can upload files up to 4GB as long as you register, and you can share files with your friends multiple times!

If sending a 100MB video to someone via email is a problem, you may take a look at TeraBox. Then you can easily overcome the problems that you have to face.

How can TeraBox help you with sharing large files?

TeraBox is a tool that can make file sharing quite easy for you. All you have to do is to open up the app, select the content you want to share and click on the button called “Share”. You can then copy that link and send to the people who should receive the large file that you are going to transfer. This is a convenient and a hassle-free method to share large files without a problem.

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One of the most impressive features that you can get out of TeraBox is that you can assign an expiry period for the files that you are going to share. For example, you can make the link expire in 7 days or 30 days. If you want to share files permanently, you will be able to do it as well. If you are going to share a large file that contains sensitive or personal information, you may think about password protecting it as well. Only people who have access to your password will be able to open the file from the URL. This can offer peace of mind to you, as even a person who receives your URL will not be able to open the file without knowing the password.

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TeraBox is among the best file management tools available out there. Hence, you shouldn’t think twice before you use TeraBox. It provides a generous storage space of 1TB to you. Therefore, you will never run out of space. You can use available storage space to save all types of files without a struggle.

If you are impressed with what TeraBox can offer, you can go ahead and start using it for file sharing. You will fall in love with the great features that come with it. You can simply download TeraBox and enjoy all benefits that come with it.

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