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TeraBox – World Largest Free and Secure Cloud Storage App

Videos, photographs, and other documents on our devices are always prone to be wiped or lost. Due to the high demand to save these files for use in the future, we present you TeraBox. It’s a free cloud storage app, that is convenient and has the largest space you can get out there. 1024GB worth of free cloud storage that can store approximately 300,000+ photos, 2,500+ video files or 6.5 million documents.

TeraBox is a free cloud storage app that provides 1024GB of personal cloud storage which is secure and allows the users data to be encrypted and accessible when required. This cloud service provider uses strong AI technology to protect all your files, organize them for you, and let you rapidly back up and browse through your images without fear of losing them.

Cloud Storage with TeraBox doesn’t go wrong because of maximum security. It also allows online photo preview and video playback. TeraBox provides a secure location for all of your files, as well as protection against data theft. TeraBox allows you to back up, synchronize, access, and share your vital files in a secure manner.

TeraBox is quite easy to access and is available on all platforms (Android, iOS, PC). To download and install TeraBox app on your mobile phone, you need to visit app store, or you can log into the website , and complete the required registration to be able to use this cloud storage.

Core features of TeraBox

Storage: TeraBox provides the best cloud storage, with 1024GB of free, permanent space. With TeraBox, you can store 300,000 of travel photos or 50,000 HD videos of one minute.

Online video and photo streaming: Videos and photos can be viewed at high speeds on both mobile phones and desktops, allowing you to binge-watch whenever and wherever you choose, whether at home, on the way to work, or at a friend’s gathering.

Automatic photo backup: photos on mobile devices are backed up immediately, freeing up your device storage.

Intelligent album: All of the photos you post will be automatically classified. It’s simple to find the photo you want thanks to the album’s smart classification.

Multi-terminal Coordination: It supports and allows Synchronous uploading and use at both the web and mobile terminals.

Secure file sharing: Permission based sharing is available (Either you give people a secret code to access your shared files, or you make the link public for everyone to use)

Privacy protection: Multiple security systems are in place to ensure the safety of your account. You can encrypt your data with a password. A secondary verification will be required each time you enter TeraBox, in order to ensure data security.

File Access: Use the app to safely access any type of file interchangeably between your phone and computer, it is best for office scenarios to store large files, easily archive your files, and also download several files at once from your transfer list.

Find files faster: Search files by name and keyword to locate it easily. TeraBox is a fantastic source of comfort.

Comparison with other cloud storage in terms of space

TeraBox outperforms a number of well-known cloud storage services when it comes to storage space.

TeraBox is unique in that it offers a massive 1024GB of free cloud storage that can be accessed on Android, iOS and PC. The list below shows how TeraBox rates above popular cloud storage services in terms of space.

Cloud Storage service Storage space (free)
TeraBox 1024 GB
Go***ve 15GB
pC***d 10GB
On***ve 5GB
Ama***ive 5GB
iCl***ive 5GB
S***c 5GB
Dr***ox 2GB

Is it the best cloud storage app? Yes because it is completely free, there are no subscription fees, and it gives access to 1 TB of storage for life. Who doesn’t enjoy getting stuffs for free?

With TeraBox, you can simply upload your files without needing any technical expertise. TeraBox allows you share link to your files to enable your family and friends have access to your data when necessary.

1024GB of free space. This is the main reason why so many people resort to TeraBox. You can have access to 1TB of free cloud storage.

TeraBox user interface is extremely nice, basic, and easy to use. It has a number of privacy features and allows you to quickly retrieve recent and relevant data. All your files will be backed up automatically.

It’s quite interesting to know that TeraBox is available for Android, iOS devices and PC. One account can be used interchangeably with these devices because it allows synchronization.

TeraBox is a cutting-edge cloud storage tool that safeguards all of your information, organizes them for you, and allows you to instantly back up and search through them. We present to you the future of data backup and cloud storage with TeraBox. Visit the website:

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