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What Is the Price of 1 Terabyte Storage?

What is a terabyte? How much is a terabyte? What would it be like to have 1 terabyte storage space for free to save all of your files?

In recent years, the need for cloud service has increased. More and more users are facing issues with their devices’ memories. When it happens, you are no longer able to download any app or file. What’s even worse is that your devices cannot even take a photo if there is no available memory. Therefore, if you see the message “memory full”, then you need to act quickly.

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The solution to this issue is to download and install an app that gives you storage. Then, you can upload your files there, thus freeing the memory of your device. TeraBox free cloud storage is the only file management tool in the market that provides you with 1 terabyte storage for free, thus becoming an essential tool for everyone.


What is a Terabyte?

You might have heard of the word terabyte, but have little idea of what on earth is a terabyte. But you may be more familiar with the unit “gigabyte”, or GB. In short, 1 terabyte storage equals 1024 gigabytes.

If you are looking for online cloud storage that can fit all of the data stored on your device, then you have to find one that provides you with enough space for them. Many users have found that 1 terabyte storage is the ideal cloud space that satisfies their needs.

So what can you do with 1 terabyte storage? When you have this much space, you can store around 400,000 photos, 2500+ movies, or 6.5 million documents. 1 terabyte means you won’t have to worry about insufficient storage for a really long time.

4 Apps that Offer 1 Terabyte Storage

Nowadays, there are plenty of tools that offer 1 terabyte storage. The best ones are the following:


06 terabox website 1

TeraBox is the only file management app that gives all of its registered users 1TB free cloud storage. Available on every device and packed with interesting features, TeraBox is truly an application that stands out. For instance, it has file link sharing, an online video downloader, Personal Vault, large file transmission, and many other features. For this reason, it is the best tool that you can install on your device to free up space.



01 03 iDrive

iDrive is a well-known file management system that gives you all the space you need for your feels. With an easy-to-use interface, it is a great option that can cover all of your needs. iDrive gives all of its free users 10 GB, while it also has several premium plans. For instance, you can get 5TB of storage for $79.50/year.


01 04 sync

Sync is another great tool that you will find very useful. This file management app is a great option for teams as it has several features to enhance collaboration. However, free storage space is available only to individual plans. Namely, a free user gets 5 GB of secure storage space. If you need to upgrade, you can get 2 TB of space for $8/month.


01 05 icedrive

One more great file storage platform is IceDrive. This is an amazing choice for everyday use as it also provides you with file link sharing. However, this doesn’t support auto backup, which means that you will have to do it manually. Free users on IceDrive get 10 GB of free storage. Meanwhile, its premium plan offers you 1000 GB for $4.99/month, which is a little less than 1 terabyte.

How Much is a Terabyte?

As we can see from some of the most popular cloud services mentioned above, 1 terabyte storage costs around $2 to $5 per month. If you opt for better security and more diverse functions, you would have to pay the price on the higher end. But lo and behold: our answer to the question “how much is a terabyte” is – nothing.

Though there are many providers that offer 1 terabyte storage, the comparison above highlights how amazing TeraBox is, as the biggest free cloud storage in the world. The free 1 terabyte storage it offers you is more than enough to fit all of your personal files, even high-definition movies and games. By getting this app, you will never have to worry about the not having enough memory space of your device.

However, there is another reason why 1 terabyte storage is a great thing to have access to. You can install TeraBox on multiple devices and share all of your important files between them. For example, you can directly send your mobile phone’s images to your computer and vice versa. And the most important thing is that you can enjoy the convenience of TeraBox for free.

Of course, the app also has a paid plan, TeraBox premium. When you upgrade to this plan, you will double your storage space and take advantage of even more high-quality features. For example, premium users enjoy automatic video backup and increased downloading speed among others. TeraBox premium costs just $2.99 per month, which is significantly much more affordable compared to other tools in the market.


The Bottom Line

Getting 1 terabyte storage on your device is essential nowadays. With cloud storage, you can upload your files and gain access to them from wherever you are. Therefore, you need to get a file management system that provides you with all the memory space you need.

TeraBox is the only tool that offers 1TB free cloud storage to all of its users, from the moment they create their account. If you are amazed at how much is a terabyte and what an immense amount of data it can hold, download TeraBox free today to get it for free!

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